Music Video of the Day: Touch Me (I Want Your Body) by Samantha Fox (1986, dir. ???)

After doing those six music videos from 2016, I thought I would get one point across that I really couldn’t when I was only talking about Starving by Hailee Steinfeld. I do know that Steinfeld has done at least a couple of other music videos where she did a thinly disguised child version of Cyndi Lauper’s She Bop, a couple of MTV Unplugged looking music videos, and one for Rock Bottom that was more appropriate for her talents. My point below stands regardless.

Hailee Steinfeld:
-19 years old
-A song that is of a sexual nature.
-A music video that asked her to express her sexuality onscreen.
-A low-budget looking music video.

Samantha Fox:
-19 years old
-A song that is of a sexual nature.
-A music video that asked her to express her sexuality onscreen.
-A low-budget looking music video.

There is one big difference though.

As much as Steinfeld tried to look sexy in Starving, it still felt like a 19 year-old acting. That made it an uncomfortable experience to watch compared to something like Rock Bottom. Samantha Fox on the other hand was fully capable of expressing her sexuality. There’s a very good reason for this difference.

When Steinfeld was 16, she was just coming off a hiatus after True Grit (2010) to make an appearance in a few movies. When Fox was 16, she was posing topless for the British tabloid The Sun. She continued doing that until 1986 when she started a career in music with this song. That makes a big difference when you are asking a 19 year-old to get in front of a camera as themselves in a sexual manner.

I would have picked out Naughty Girls Need Love Too, but that was made two years later–even if it is a better song with a better music video. It has Fox appearing in a more revealing version of an outfit Tiffany wore in I Think We’re Alone Now. It also had her pushing a man’s head downward toward her crotch while saying “we can get busy my way” after putting his head against her breasts while wearing a Debbie Gibson hat. There’s plenty more in there including her being nude that implies she is in the middle of sex near the end of the music video.

However, it’s not like this music video doesn’t have its fair share of sexual stuff going on. The song is about searching for a man. The title comes right out and says she is looking for a guy, not for love, but to feel his body. There’s the moaning. There’s the drum that has white stuff springing off of it. There’s the guitar that is played like it is a penis. There’s the crowd of people all trying to get a piece of her. There’s the photographs as a reference to her modeling career. There’s the line: “Like a tramp in the night, I was begging for you, to treat my body like you wanted to.” The water flung by the fan into the body of one of the band members to cool him off that she does by accident. There’s the guy she pulls from the audience.

The point is that throughout the music video I believe this is all in Fox’s wheelhouse. It wasn’t fair to Steinfeld to ask her to try to do this stuff in Starving. If you must take her in this direction, then have Steinfeld cut her teeth doing sex-lite music videos along the lines of Belinda Carlisle’s Heaven Is A Place On Earth before dumping her into Samantha Fox territory.

Fox hopes to re-release this song soon and return to modeling by posing in Playboy according to The Mirror. I don’t watch reality television, but she was on the British show Celebrity Big Brother this year.


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