Dance Scenes That I Love: The Vampire and the Ballerina and Murderrock

You know what?

I may have shared this before.

But you know what … I have had an incredibly long day so I’m just going to share it again.  This is from the 1960 film, The Vampire and the Ballerina.


And, just because I love you, here’s an extra bonus dance scene from Lucio Fulci’s 1984 film Murderrock!

And, finally, here’s the trailer for Ithaca!


Ithaca is the directorial debut of Meg Ryan, who apparently used to be an actress of some sort.  Ha ha, I’m just kidding!  I know how Meg Ryan was, though it’s easy to forget at times…

Anyway, this appears to be a Tom-Hanks-Wears-Suspenders type of movie.  The whole trailer has Oscar wannabe written all over it but the film is being released in September.  September is technically Oscar season but not at much as November or December.

Anyway, here’s the trailer!  Enjoy it, Middle America!

Here’s the LATEST trailer for Masterminds, that film nobody’s really that interested in seeing!

Remember Masterminds?  It’s the comedy film from Jared Hess that nobody was really that interested in seeing when it was scheduled to be released in 2015.  Of course, as a result of a production company going bankrupt and some other legal stuff, Masterminds wasn’t released in 2015 and nobody really noticed.

Well, apparently, the film is finally going to be released this September!  You may want to see it or you may not.  Myself, I’ll just keep hoping that someone will finally get around to doing a sequel to that movie with Jesse Eisenberg and Danny McBride.

Here’s the latest trailer.