Seriously? They made a movie out of that crap? Here’s the trailer for Entourage!

Remember that show Entourage?

Really?  Seriously, you do?

To be honest, I had totally forgotten about Entourage, largely because I only watched it to hear the song that played over the opening credits.  Then occasionally, I would watch the show that followed the credits and I always thought Kevin Connolly was cute and Kevin Dillon was funny.  Jeremy Piven got on my last nerve and Adrian Grenier was never exactly believable as “the best actor of his generation.”  (I never had an opinion on Turtle, one way or the other.)  I did, however, always enjoy it whenever Seth Green would show up.

Anyway, eventually I downloaded the song from the opening credits (Superhero by Jane’s Addiction, to be exact) and, considering just how misogynistic Entourage could be, I never really had a reason to watch Entourage ever again.

But then I saw the trailer for the upcoming Entourage movie and I said to myself, “Really?  They made a movie out of that crap?”

Actually, the trailer doesn’t look that bad.  In fact, it starts out pretty well.  Unfortunately, that part at the beginning turns out to be a film within the film and that’s probably never a good sign when the film within the film looks better than the film itself.

Anyway, after the film-within-a-film opening, we’re then subjected to what we might expect from a slightly above average episode of Entourage.  (For example, we get to watch Jeremy Piven punch a picture because there’s nothing more appealing than the idea of spending two hours watching an asshole with rage issues.)  Sadly, Kevin Connolly gets to do next to nothing in this trailer and Seth Green is nowhere to be found.

The film will come out sometime next year.  Watch the trailer below.


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