Trailer: Parkland


This year is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and I have to admit that I’m surprised that there aren’t a few hundred JFK-related films coming out this year.  Seriously, since January, it’s something that those of us in Dallas have had to hear about it on a daily basis.

Then again, it’s because I’m from Texas that I’m somewhat glad that there aren’t a lot of films coming out about that day back in 1963.  Quite frankly, I don’t need to sit through a hundred films featuring a bunch of character actors butchering my state’s native accent.

If you can’t do the accent, don’t accept the damn role.  End of story.

However, just because there aren’t a lot of them, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be films looking to exploit the anniversary.  For example, there’s Parkland.  Judging from the trailer below, Parkland appears to be an ensemble film about “ordinary” people dealing with the assassination of President Kennedy.

A lot of critics have been saying that Parkland might be a dark horse contender for best picture but it looks dreadfully earnest to me.  Add to that, this seems like just the subject matter to bring out the pompousness that always seems to be hiding underneath the surface of producer Tom Hanks.

That said, I know I’ll end up seeing it.

It’s about my hometown, after all.

Dance Scenes I Love: Cyd Charisse in Silk Stockings

Today’s dance scene that I love comes from the 1957 musical Silk Stockings.

This is a special scene for me because it features one of my favorite dancers, the legendary Cyd Charisse.  Many years ago, before I discovered that I wanted to be a writer, I dreamed of growing up and being a beautiful and talented dancer like Cyd Charisse.

In Silk Stockings, Cyd Charisse plays a humorless Russian who, when she comes to Paris discovers that life doesn’t have to be drab and boring.  She discovers the joy of freedom and what better to express freedom than through dance?