Sneak Peek – Dying Light (Dev. by WB Games / Techland)

Like Daniel Craig’s character in Layer Cake, I had this plan of getting out of videogaming. I haven’t been amazed with the way the industry is moving, and there are only a few remaining games I know I want to play before finally hanging up my controller. Splinter Cell: Blacklist is next week. Grand Theft Auto V is next month, along with NHL 14. I felt that after these 3, I could walk.

And then this happens. Dying Light, under development by WB Games and Techland is a mixture of Zombie Survival and Freerunning. Using the first person design EA started with Mirror’s Edge (how I love that game), Dying Light puts you in a world with the infected. While this sounds a lot like many of the survival games of recent memory, this game adds an angle with it’s nighttime sequences that start to feel like I Am Legend. Zombies that normally shuffle and drag their feet during the daytime become parkour ninjas at night, running just as well as you can over obstacles and the like (from what I can tell). I’m not sure how the story is going to explain that one, but the dynamics of it feel good, and personally, I’m just happy that anyone was able to apply the freerunning system of Mirror’s Edge to a different environment. Let’s hope they’ve also dealt with the long load times that plagued that game. So much for getting out.


Dying Light is due out sometime in 2014.

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