Kid Midas

I was thinking that the Marvel Universe is in dire need of a new villain instead of constantly rehashing mega events with the same old people or promoting villains like Norman Osbourne to a world wide threat.

I believe Dr. Midas from Grant Morrison’s Marvel Boy series would fit the bill for a major world wide threat. He’s a ruthless perversion and amalgam of Iron Man and the Fantastic Four. Everyone from his minions to his own daughter are mere stepping stones to him. Sure he *spoiler*ended up on some immaterial plane of existence at the end of the miniseries*spoiler* It’s comics so there’s always a way to bring him back.

My Idea:
Auric Midas is the cloned son of Dr. Midas. He is the designer baby developed in information-rich nutrient artificial womb and programmed with the memories of the original Doctor Midas.  He was awakened after the death of his “father” and before he could reach physical maturity.  Kid Midas resumed control of the Atlas Corporation and used a Ghost Box to acquire the vast technological resources available across the Multiverse.   He is eager to end Noh-Varr’s life for the shame that he has brought the Midas name in addition to retrieving his original cosmically enhanced self from the Mindless One’s home dimension.  Kid Midas will be shocked to discover that Dr. Midas has moved pass his petty pursuit of power from his time in the Mindless Ones’ dimension and is now reformed (along the lines of Kang mellowing out and become the philosophical Immortus).  There will be a mind switch and Kid Midas will gain the Cosmic Man body.
Adept in multiple human and alien martial arts.
Proficient in the use of mechanized armor.
Fluent in numerous Earth and alien dialects.

  1. SMGH is a variant of Mutant Growth Hormone created from cellular samples extracted from deceased and captured Super Skrulls.  It temporarily grants the user shape shifting abilities in addition to post human abilities.
  2. The Midas amulet is based on Darla Deering’s Thing Ring and contains the Midas Suit in its unstable molecules state.
  3. The Midas Suit is an unstable molecule variation of the Thing Exoskeleton derived from a damaged sample of Dr. Midas’ cosmically irradiated and enhanced flesh.   Its design is based on Anthony Stark’s Iron Man Armor Model 42.  Its molecular template retains the Cosmic Earth properties, its Cosmic Fire properties are stabilized by Pyronanos circuitry, and its Cosmic Air property was replaced with ghost technology derived from Omnisapient Systems.  It is powered by a Kirby Battery, a portable derivative of The Marvel’s Kirby Engine.

Midas Suit Properties:
It greatly magnifies the user’s strength, durability, stamina, and sensory perceptions.
The repulsor beam system has been modified to discharge fiery cosmic flames.
It propulsion system has been enhanced by the Pyronanos and grants hypersonic flight.  Its stealth technology grants invisibility and intangibility.
A concealed alien weapons array consists of Badoon particle rays, Skrull Photon Blasters, Nega Missiles (projectiles containing explosive Negative Zone energy), Shi’ar Raptor Armor concussive cannons (containing darkforce energy) and self-repair functionality.

The Original Dr. Midas by J.G. Jones

Iron Man Armor Model 42 by Greg Land

Machete Kills: Trailer #2


So, when I saw You’re Next last weekend, I also saw the second trailer for Machete Kills.

The audience I saw seemed to be really excited about the trailer but I have to say that, after seeing it, I’m actually a bit worried about Machete Kills.  The first Machete was a parody of grindhouse filmmaking but it was an affectionate parody.  As over-the-top as it was, it still felt like it could have also been a genuine grindhouse film.

This trailer for Machete Kills, however, feels like the exact opposite.  Instead of celebrating the excesses of the grindhouse, this trailer feels more like it’s inviting us to mock the films to which it claims to be paying homage.

This trailer almost feels like it’s for a film that was made by somebody who has never seen an actual grindhouse film but who has seen plenty of YouTube videos.

Hopefully, I’ll be proven wrong.

Trailer: Inside Llewyn Davis


This trailer has been around for a little while but, seeing as how I’m really looking forward to seeing this film, I figured I’d go ahead and share it here on the site.

Inside Llewyn Davis is directed by the Coen Brothers and it stars Oscar Isaac!  Seriously, what else can you ask for?