Poll: Which Films Are You Most Looking Forward To Seeing In October?


It’s in the end of the month and you know what that means!

It’s time to combine two of my favorite things: a poll and a list of film titles.

Which four films are you most looking forward to seeing in October?  Let us know by voting below.  You can vote up to four times and, as always, write-ins are accepted!

Happy voting!

Dance Scenes I Love: “America” from West Side Story

There’s no way that I could ever write about the dance scenes that I love without including at least one scene from 1961’s best picture winner, West Side Story.

Sadly, people tend to underappreciate West Side Story.  They focus on the fact that the singing voices of Natalie Wood and Richard Beymer are overdubbed by Marni Nixon and Jimmy Bryant, respectively.  They laugh at the sight of “tough” street kids dancing around and singing that when you’re a jet, you’re the best.

Well, they’re wrong.

West Side Story is still one of the best musicals ever made and every time I see it, it’s a magical experience for me.

I think my favorite number from the film remains America.  Watching this scene, you can tell why both Rita Moreno and George Chakiris won Academy Awards for their performances.  They both bring a lot of fire and passion to their roles and nowhere is that more apparent then in America.