Satoshi Kon’s Final Blog Post

The sudden passing of Satoshi Kon this past August 24, 2010 was a shock to anime and non-anime fans of his work. No better words were spoken to describe his contribution to the medium he so loved than one posted here last week.

I, myself, never realized that he was the one who had directed the very mature anime works I had seen and found to be on the level of any live-action production by such luminaries as Aronofsky, Nolan, Cronenberg and many other masters of their craft. The suddenness of his death has shocked the anime community and even almost a week since it happened his passing away and his legacy still the talk of the community.

His legacy is undisputable and will forever remind fans of anime just how much his talent will be missed. Satoshi Kon was able to leave behind one final document which has been posted in his blog posthumously by his loved ones. These last words from Satoshi Kon brings to light one man’s personal and intimate perspective on one’s mortality. It’s almost as if life was imitating art this time around. To try and describe any more of this man’s last words cannot be done as I lack the insight and grasp of the English language to give it the proper due.

Below is the link to Makiko Itoh’s site who was kind enough to translate Satoshi Kon’s final words.

SOURCE: Makiko Itoh’s Blog Satoshi Kon’s last words

6 More Exploitation Trailers: The Late Edition

Hi, Lisa Marie here.  I apologize for being a day late in continuing my series of posts devoted to some of my favorite exploitation and grindhouse film trailers.  Unfortunately, I got caught up having a fight with a troll over on my other blog and I ended up running behind.  The lesson here is that trolls are not worth the trouble.

But enough time wasted on dumbfugs and toadsuckers.  Let’s talk exploitation with six more of my favorite trailers.

1) The Candy Snatchers

Sadly, this DVD is now out-of-print and the people selling it on Amazon want you to pay something like $80.00 for it.  That’s a shame because The Candy Snatchers is, arguably, one of the greatest films ever made.  This is one of those movies that I desperately need to review but I’m still struggling to find the right words to express just how brilliant this movie is.

2) Django Kill

This trailer doesn’t really do justice to Django Kill which, quite frankly, is probably the strangest, most surreal western ever made.  Yes, this film is even stranger than El Topo.  However, I still like the pop art feel of this trailer.

3) The Raiders of Atlantis

This is one of Ruggero Deodato’s non-cannibal movies.  It’s actually surprisingly enjoyable in a very silly sort of way.

4) Burial Ground

Also known as The Nights of Terror, this is one of the more infamous examples of the Italian zombie genre.  To be honest, this is an amazingly trashy, stupid movie but once you start watching, you can not turn away.  This is another film I’ve been meaning to review for a while as I think it’s actually the most political of all the Italian zombie films.  People tend to get some caught up with the whole incest subplot that they miss the whole Marxist subtext.  And yes, the movie does include a title card that contains the word “profecy.”

5) The Teacher

I love this trailer.  It is such a relic that I almost feel like it should be put in a time capsule.  Plus, that whole “She corrupted the morals…” tag line is just so priceless.

6) Boss

When this 1975 movie was released on DVD, it was titled Boss.  Well, that’s only half of the original title.  I’ve never seen this movie (as the only westerns that interest me are Italian-made) but this trailer has always stuck with me because of the whole “Did I just hear that?” factor.  However, after I first saw this trailer, I did some research and discovered that the movie was actually written and produced by the film’s star, Fred Williamson.  So, that makes me a bit more comfortable with it.