My Zombie Television Series Idea

This idea sprang from my other zombie post and the accompanying feedback.

Premise: A wealthy man is stricken with a fatal illness and is unable to find a cure in modern medicine. He turns to the occult for his salvation, particularly a necromancer.  His brand of zombism is supernatural is origins.  The series will center around his attempt to maintain a normal life and keep his secret his hidden.  His employees helps him hide his illness as well as supply him with “live food”.  There will be power plays by opportunistic friends and family members.  It’s essentially Dynasty/Dallas with Zombies.

Symptoms: The infected will retain their intelligence and are effectively immortal (save a traumatic head injury or incineration).  They are virtually indistinguishable from the living.  The remnants need to consume flesh in order to retain their intelligence, stave off decomposition, and trigger regeneration.  If a zombie goes too long without feeding he or she will revert to a ravenous feral state.  The “illness” is spread through bites.  The “sickness” infects every living thing bitten, so animals are not immune and the same symptoms apply to them as well.  Scavengers will be infected if they feast on zombie flesh.

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