Horror Idea: Remix of Zombies!

R-Lee is well aware of my zombie phobia, so it will come off as odd that I have been thinking of a way to recreate the zombie concept.

The Concept: My brand of walking dead would not be caused by a meteor or toxic waste but rather government researchers’ attempt to cure cancer.

Symptoms: The infected will retain their intelligence and are effectively immortal (save a traumatic head injury).  They are virtually indistinguishable from the living outside of the low body temperature, lack of a pulse, and brain activity.  The remnants need to consume flesh in order to retain their intelligence, stave off decomposition, and trigger regeneration.  They aren’t picky eaters, so anything with a pulse and enough meat is fine with them. If a zombie goes too long without feeding he or she will revert to a ravenous feral state.  The “cure” is spread through bites or ingesting the original serum.

Premise: It will be I Am Legend meets the Fugitive.  Patient Zero, the first zombie will be evading the government researchers and the cleaning units sent after him, sharing his gift, in addition to “cleaning up” the researchers’ other mistakes.  Patient Zero would have all the tortured angst of Bill Compton, Spike, Louie etc with the zombie’s relentless quest to satisfy the never ending hunger.

Vampiric sophistication and control:


A Zombie’s Ravenous Hunger

Marvel ZombiesMachine Man vs Zombies

Images are courtesy of Marvel Comics (http://www.marvel.com)

The Greatest Freaking Commercial Of All Time, Part 3

A little over a month ago, I made the argument that the Kia Sockmonkey commercial was the “greatest freaking commercial of all time.”  Than R-Lee had to go and be all contrary-like by saying that no, “the greatest freaking commercial of all time” was actually some series of bodywash advertisements featuring some scary guy named Terry Crews, who I guess is an athlete or something.

What I failed to realize at the time is that we were both wrong.

Below is the greatest freaking commercial of all time…