Here’s The Trailer For F–k You All: The Uwe Boll Story

Somewhere on this site, I once posted my opinion that Uwe Boll was the worst director of all time.

That, of course, was many years ago and I posted that before watching Ulli Lommel’s Zodiac movie.  At the time that I posted that, Boll was mostly known for directing movies that were based on a video games.  A little bit later, Boll would get political and direct films like Assault of Wall Street and that led to some critics saying that perhaps Boll wasn’t as bad as they thought he was.

Myself, I stand by my original claim.  Uwe Boll was the worst director of all time.  I say was because he’s apparently retired from filmmaking.  Before he retired — and this is actually really neat — he challenged some of his fiercest internet detractors to a boxing match.  Many of them accepted, not realizing that Boll was an accomplished boxer before he became a director.  Say what you will about Boll’s films but I imagine that, by literally beating the crap out of some of his critics, he got to live every director’s dream.

Anyway, there’s a documentary coming out about Uwe Boll.  It’s called Fuck You All: The Uwe Boll Story.  I may or I may not see it.  Here’s the trailer!