Music Video of the Day: Under the Influence by Elle King (2016, dir by ????)

Greetings from Mobile, Alabama!

So, originally, the plan was to share music videos about Alabama today and tomorrow but guess what?  It turns out that there really aren’t that many good Alabama-centered music videos.  There isn’t a music video for Sweet Home Alabama.  All Summer Long is actually about Michigan.  It is true that there’s a lot of country songs (and videos) about Alabama but picking one of them would mean sorting through a lot more country music than I’m really comfortable dealing with, especially when I’m just on a 2-day business trip.

(No offense meant, Alabama.  You’re a lovely state.)

So, instead, today, I’m going to share this little gem from Elle King.  I like the retro feel.  It reminds me not so much of a James Bond film as much as one of the James Bond rip-offs that came out of Italy and Germany in the late 60s.