Music Video of the Day: Under the Influence by Elle King (2016, dir by ????)

Greetings from Mobile, Alabama!

So, originally, the plan was to share music videos about Alabama today and tomorrow but guess what?  It turns out that there really aren’t that many good Alabama-centered music videos.  There isn’t a music video for Sweet Home Alabama.  All Summer Long is actually about Michigan.  It is true that there’s a lot of country songs (and videos) about Alabama but picking one of them would mean sorting through a lot more country music than I’m really comfortable dealing with, especially when I’m just on a 2-day business trip.

(No offense meant, Alabama.  You’re a lovely state.)

So, instead, today, I’m going to share this little gem from Elle King.  I like the retro feel.  It reminds me not so much of a James Bond film as much as one of the James Bond rip-offs that came out of Italy and Germany in the late 60s.


Music Video of the Day: Ex’s and Oh’s by Elle King (2015, dir by Michael Maxxis)

Since I shared the first video for Elle King’s Ex’s and Oh’s yesterday, I figured that I should probably share the second version today.

This is the official version and, while it’s nice to see men getting objectified for once, I have to admit that I still prefer the first version.  That version, after all, had zombies.

Still, enjoy!

Music Video of the Day: Ex’s & Oh’s by Elle King (2014, dir by ????)

To a lot of people, this will always be known as the Lifetime song.  That’s because Lifetime used to always play this song in their commercials and it always fit in perfectly with whatever melodramatic movie was being advertised.  Like the best Lifetime films, Ex’s & Oh’s may sound dramatic but it’s actually very humorous and self-aware.

Just consider some of my favorite lyrics:

Well, I had me a boy, turned him into a man
I showed him all the things that he didn’t understand
Whoa, and then I let him go
Now, there’s one in California who’s been cursing my name
‘Cause I found me a better lover in the UK
Hey, hey, until I made my getaway
One, two, three, they gonna run back to me
‘Cause I’m the best baby that they never gotta keep
One, two, three, they gonna run back to me
They always wanna come, but they never wanna leave

Myself, I loved this song even before it became a Lifetime anthem.  This is one of those songs that it’s fun to sing off-key to while you’re stuck on Central Expressway.

There’s actually two videos for this song.  The video that I shared today is the first version and I like it the best because there’s zombie at the end!


2015 in Review: Lisa Marie’s 10 Favorite Songs!

Whenever we have visitors here at Shattered Lens HQ, the first thing that they always seem to notice is the wide variety of music being played.  Considering the number of contributors that we have working here on any given day, it makes sense.  After all, we all have our own individual tastes in music and we’re not afraid to play it loud.

Of course, I’m sure it can be somewhat jarring who is, for the first time, discovering the aural experience of walking down a hallway here at the TSL Building.  As you walk by Necromoonyeti’s office, you hear the sounds of metal thunder.  Across the hallway, Arleigh might very well be listening to The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack.  Even further down the hallway, you might hear the blogger known as Jedadiah Leland listening to anything from Nine Inch Nails to Ornette Coleman or maybe you’ll even hear my sister singing along with Beyonce.  Eventually, you’ll reach my office and, nine times out of ten, I will be blasting EDM (or occasionally Britney Spears) and dancing, only turning the music down if Leonard Wilson stops by my office to continue our debate as to whether or not Aaron Sorkin is an overrated misogynist.

(Occasionally, if I’m lucky, I can convince Valerie Troutman to come to my office and sing the Degrassi theme song with me.  Whatever it takes, I know I can make it through….)

Anyway, my point is that every writer at the Shattered Lens is an individual with her or his own taste in music, movies, and … well, everything.  So, when you look at my list of my 10 favorite songs of 2015, you should keep in mind that these are my ten favorite songs and they do not necessarily reflect the musical opinions or tastes of anyone here at the Shattered Lens but me!  And, in fact, if you want to see just how eclectic a group we here at the Shattered Lens, be sure to check out Necromoonyeti’s list of his favorite metal albums of 2015!

Anyway, here are my favorite songs of 2015.  Notice that I didn’t say “best.”  Instead, these are some of the songs that I spent the previous 12 months obsessively listening to.  When I make my autobiographical movie about my life in 2015, these are the songs that will appear on the soundtrack!

Honorable Mention: Elle King — Ex’s and Oh’s

Ex’s and Oh’s has pretty much been my song all through 2015.  However, the song itself was originally released in 2014 and this is a list of the best songs released in 2015.  That said, hardly a day in 2015 went by without my listening to and singing along with this song and there’s no way I can’t include it.

Special Bonus Track Included Because Otherwise There Would Be 11 Songs Listed And Lisa Has A Phobia About Odd Numbers: Ellie Goulding — Love Me Like You Do

And now the list:

10) Adele — When We Were Young

9) Icona Pop — Emergency

8) Kelly Clarkson — Take You High

7) The Chemical Brothers — Sometimes I Feel So Deserted

6) Public Service Broadcasting — Go!

5) Taylor Swift (featuring Kendrick Lamar) — Bad Blood

4) Purity Ring — Bodyache

3) Big Data (featuring Jamie Liddell) — Clean

2) Public Service Broadcasting — Gagarin

1) The Chemical Brothers (featuring St. Vincent) — Under Neon Lights

For my previous picks, check out 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014!

Tomorrow, I will be posting some of my favorite things that I saw on television in 2015!

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