Music Video of the Day: Beat The Beat by Chrysta Bell & David Lynch (2017, dir. Sharif Nakhleh)

I think I would have preferred to hear more of the guy at the start. Not because Bell is bad. Not because Sharif Nakhleh did a bad job recreating the experience of watching a YouTube video of a VHS rip with hardcoded subtitles. Neither of those things are true. It’s just that it is yet another music video that visually screams David Lynch throughout–despite having been directed by yet another director. We’ve had Chrysta Bell reenacting a scene from Blue Velvet (1986). We’ve had her singing in a Lynch-room and a courtyard. We’ve had her singing while driving on the lost highway in order to have a sex scene. Now we have Bell singing in a nightclub. I guess I want some more variety. Maybe if this were a one-off video meant to remind us of One Eyed Jack’s from Twin Peaks with people living a ho-hum existence that Bell helps infuse with life that causes them to blink out of this bleak version of Fantasy by Aldo Nova, then I could enjoy it. But it’s not.

There’s a nice little description of the video over on IndieWire:

Directed by Sharif Nakhleh, “Beat the Beat” is a look into the cyclical nature of modern life and a “subdued anthem for Kafkaesque and mundane human existence.” The video is described as “a dirty dub VHS tape featuring a slice of Americana with Italian subtitles suggesting it could have been discovered in a second hand shop in Bologna.” The clip shows a grimy bar run by a bored looking bartender until Bell, wearing a black slip dress designed by Nima Shiraz, arrives and gets everyone moving with her hypnotizing voice.

Based on the YouTube comments, people love this stuff. More power to you! Also, if you haven’t watched those other videos, then you might enjoy this.

This one has a big listing of people who were involved:

Director/Editor – Sharif Nakhleh
Producer – Tasha Nesbitt
Cinematographer – Mike Epple
Assistant Director – Jason Halley
Assistant Camera – Lawrence Abad
Gaffer – Steve Griggs
Key Grip – Andy Hoffman
Swing – Sean Ly
Art Director – Garrett Lowe
Asst Art Dept – Aaron Pierce
Asst to the Producer – Spencer Collantes
CB Makeup/Hair Artist – Consuelo Lopez
Cast Makeup/Hair Artist – Nicole Kelleher
FX Supervisor – Ryan Bozajian
Additional FX – Joseph Skorman
Sound – Elliott Harris
Translation – Daniela Viezzer
Bar Fly 1 – Bettina Devin
Bar Fly 2 – Sherman Koltz
Bartender – William Rogue
Biker – Matthew Fuentes
Hillbilly 1 – Christina Meyers
Hillbilly 2 – Dominic Olivo
Punk Chick – Reneja’Net LaChapelle
Tourist 1 – Jessica Etheridge
Tourist 2 – Charles Parker
Drifter – Matt Patane
Bespoke Dress by Nima Shiraz