Music Video of the Day: Break The Rules by Charli XCX (2014, dir by Marc Klasfeld)

Needless to say, I support this message.  All rules should be broken.

Also, the top of a school bus apparently makes for a good performance space.  Actually, the same thing can probably be said of all buses in general.  If you’ll remember the classic film Degrassi Goes Hollywood, Studz ended up performing on top of a bus and really impressing Kevin Smith.  As anyone who watched Degrassi can tell you, Studz was actually a pretty sucky band that only had about three songs (one of which was that terrible House Arrest song) so obviously it was not the band’s sound that won Kevin Smith’s attention.  Instead, it was all about the fact that they were standing on top of a bus….

At least, that’s the way I remember it.  It’s been a while since I watched the movie.  They could have been standing on a van, to be honest.  Or maybe they were on one of those boats that got jammed up in the Suez Canal last year.  I don’t quite remember.  I probably need to watch Degrassi Goes Hollywood again, both for the bus performance and the Ellie/Craig scenes.  Perhaps that’s what we should all do this week.  Canada needs the love, eh?

Anyway, break the rules.  I’m going to start by parking wherever I feel like parking.  Take that, parking police!


Music Video of the Day: New Shapes by Charli XCX, feat. Christine and The Queens, Caroline Polachek (2021, dir by Imogene Strauss, Luke Orlando, and Terrence O’Connor)

Because a full list of credits was listed in this video’s YouTube description, it only seems appropriate to list them here. Here is who worked on the latest music video fro Charli XCX:

Directors: Imogene Strauss, Luke Orlando, Terrence O’Connor

Writers: Benito Skinner, Terrence O’Connor

Producer: JJ House

Co-Producer: Pedro Bringas

DoP: Pedro Bringas

Choreographer: Nathan Kim Visual

Synthesist + VHS Cam: Clayton McCracken

Wardrobe Stylist: Chris Horan

Wardrobe Assistant: Lauren Jeworski

Key Makeup: Amy Galibut

Key Makeup: Lily Keys

Hairstylist: Fitch Lunar

Hairstylist: Sami Knight

Manicurist: Mel Shengaris

Gaffer: Harrison Wong

Lighting Designer: Morgan Embry

Grip: Grace Cannon

Steadicam Op: Nick Serabyn

Cam Op: Grace Cannon

Cam Op: Harrison Wong

1st AC: Fido Wu

2nd AC: Brielle Steele

Production Designers: Hugh Zeigler, Daniel Lane (NuCalifornia)

Lead Person: Chi Chi Draving

Scenic: Daniel Payavis

Set Dresser: Will Clayton

Set Dresser: Jen Ziel

Sound Mixer: Mario Torres

Editor: Cal Laird

Assistant Editor: Nicole Remijio

Colorist: Lindsey Mazur

PA: Lindsay De May

PA: Danny Cron

Location Manager: Lee Duck

Charli XCX Management: Sam Pringle, Twiggy Rowley, Brandon Creed, Zoe Gitter

Charli XCX Creative Director: Imogene Strauss

Production Company: West of 20

Film Location: Night Light Studios

Titles: Collin Fletcher


Music Video of the Day: SuperLove by Charli XCX (2013, dir by Ryan Andrews)

With the world’s eyes currently on Tokyo and the Summer Olympics, it only seems appropriate that today’s music video of the day should be one that was filmed in Tokyo. In SuperLove, Charli XCX explores Japan’s capital. This video was directed by Ryan Andrews, who was also responsible for directing several other music videos for Charli XCX, as well as directing the 2012 horror film, Elfie Hopkins.


Music Video of the Day: 2099 by Charli XCX featuring Troye Sivan (2019, dir by Bradley and Pablo)

I don’t swim and I have a morbid fear of drowning but I still absolutely love jet skis.  I’ve only been on one a handful of times and every time I was the passenger as opposed to the driver but still, it was a blast.  Of course, I was scared senseless the whole time but still.  It’s kind of like riding a motorcycle, except you’re in the water and you can pretend like you’re in a movie or something.  As this video shows, jet skis are very cinematic.



Music Video of the Day: Moonlight by Lil Xan feat Charli XCX (2018, dir by Austin Peters)

When I watch this video, I immediately think of despair.

The sleazy motels.  The empty swimming pools.  The landscape of endless emptiness.  It’s all very American and yet it’s also a world that’s inspired some of the greatest American films ever made.  Just look at some of the shots and tell me that you don’t see the spirits of Harry Dean Stanton and Dennis Hopper hanging around in the background.  There’s a beauty in the ugliness of it all.


Music Video of the Day: 5 in the Morning by Charli XCX (2018, dir by Bradley and Pablo)

I imagine I’ll be up and listening to this song at 5 in the morning.  As for the video, I always love these sort of post-apocalyptic warehouse-style music videos.


Music Video of the Day: I Love It by Icona Pop featuring Carli XCX (2012, dir by Fredrik Etoall)

To be honest, the main reason that I picked this for today’s music video of the day is because it’s rare a day passes by that I don’t describe myself as being “a 90s bitch.”

Reportedly, this song was recorded at a time when both Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt were going through difficult break-ups.  From

The song doubles as a kiss-off to the Icona Pop duo’s then boyfriends. “We were going through similar stuff, with dating pigs, and things were not going our way. And when that song came along, we just felt it, and we wanted people to feel our anger,” Jawo explained to MTV News. “We felt the song was a strong song, and … we just wanted to get the song out and get the pigs to hear it. You know who you are.”

“Now, we meet them on the street when we’re back home, and you’re like ‘Hi!’ and they’re like ‘hi,'” Hjelt added. “And we’re like ‘Hahaha, thank you for the inspiration.'”


2014 In Review: 14 of Lisa Marie’s Favorite Songs of 2014

Continuing our look back at 2014, below you’ll find 14 of my favorite songs of the past year.  Now, you should understand that I’m not necessarily saying that these are the best 14 songs of the year.  Instead, they’re just some of my personal favorites.  These are the songs that either made me want to dance or that I inevitably found myself singing off-key while I was in the shower.  These are the songs that got stuck in my head and which I found myself singing whenever I was stuck in traffic.

These are 14 of my favorite songs of 2014.

(By the way, click on the links in this sentence if you want to see my favorite songs of 2013, 2012, and 2011.)

14) Everything is Awesome — Tegan and Sara featuring The Lonely Island

13) Mess Is Mine — Vance Joy

12) Summer Nights — Kaskade featuring The Brocks

11) Chandelier — Sia

10) Take Ü There — Jack Ü (featuring Kiesza)

9) Blank Space — Taylor Swift

8) Runaway (U & I) — Galantis

7) Blue Sky Action — Above & Beyond featuring Alex Vargas

6) Fancy — Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX

5) Stolen Dance — Milky Chance

4) Get Low — Dillon Francis & DJ Snake

3) Don’t Leave — Seven Lions (featuring Ellie Goulding)

2) Shake It Off — Taylor Swift

1) Long Way Down — Robert DeLong

And finally, here’s my pick for the worst song and video of last year.  In the past, I’ve defended some of the notoriously awful songs that have been produced and promoted by Patrice Wilson, just on the basis that they were, at the very least, memorably weird.  Friday remains one of my favorite singing-in-the-shower songs and it’s fun to sing when you’re trying to annoy people on Monday.  Chinese Food is — well, Chinese Food sucked but I do love Chinese food so I could at least relate to the song.  But then, in 2014, came both the song Sush Up and the video featuring 11 year-old Alison Gold playing a sexualized criminal who gets electrocuted in the electric chair.  And, of course, Patrice shows up to rap.  And seriously — BLEH!

While I’m not going to share the video for Sush Up because it’s really creepy and icky, I will share another video that’ll make my point about Patrice Wilson.

Tomorrow, my look back at 2014 will continue with 20 good things that I saw on television in 2014!

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