Music Video of the Day: Long Shot by Katy Perry (2005, dir by Glen Ballard)

This video was shot early in Katy Perry’s career, as you can probably guess just from the basic and rather simple style of the music video.  Long Shot was originally intended to appear on what was intended to be Perry’s second album.  Unfortunately, that album was shelved but Long Shot still found an audience when it was covered by Kelly Clarkson.

It is today’s music video of the day because it’s Super Bowl Sunday and, as always, I’m rooting for the long shots, whoever they may be.


2022 In Review: Lisa Marie’s 10 Favorite Songs of 2022

As I point out every January, these are my ten favorite songs of the previous year.  Other people who have written for TSL over the years may have very different favorite songs of the year.  In fact, check out Necromoonyeti’s list of his 35 top albums!

Anyway, here are my ten favorite songs of the previous year.  For the most part, my musical tastes tend to run the gamut from EDM to More EDM.  That said, I think there’s perhaps a bit of variety to this year’s list as opposed to previous years.  Or maybe not.  Who knows?  I’m typing this up at one in the morning so, to be honest, I’m lucky that I can even keep straight which year I’m writing about.

Also be sure to check out my favorite songs of (deep breath) 2021, 202020192018201720162015201420132012, and 2011!

10. My Mind and Me by Selena Gomez

9. Beg For You by Charli XCX, feat. Rina Sawayama

8. Compliance by Muse

7. When I’m Gone by Alesso and Katy Perry

6. Let Somebody Go by Coldplay and Selena Gomez

5. One More Time by Armin van Buuren feat. Maia Wright

4. Kill or Be Killed by Muse

3. Limitless by Martin Garrix & Mesto

2. Lost Track by HAIM

1. Monica Lewinsky by Upsahl

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Music Video of the Day: Smile by Katy Perry (2020, dir by Matthew Cullen)

We could all take a lesson from Katy Perry.  Get out there and enjoy life, despite all of the people who are determined to keep others from doing just that.  We live in a world where some people are addicted to spreading misery and, fortunately, Katy Perry is not one of those people.


2021 In Review: Lisa Marie’s 10 Favorite Songs of the Year

Every January, I list my favorite songs of the previous year and, every January, I include the same disclaimer.  My favorite songs are not necessarily the favorite songs of any of the other writers here at the Shattered Lens.

With that in mind, here are my favorite songs of 2021!  Also be sure to check out my favorite songs of 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011!

10) It’s All Happening by Saint Motel

9) U Are My High by DJ Snake x Future

8) Cry About It Later by Katy Perry

7) Traps by Bloc Party

6) It Gets Better by Swedish House Mafia

5) Hypnocurrency by Deadmau5 & REZZ

4) The Darkness That You Fear by The Chemical Brothers

3) Don’t Wait Up by Shakira

2) Slow Clap by Gwen Stefani

1) I Want to Dance by Adi Ulmansky

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Music Video of the Day: Not The End of the World by Katy Perry (2020, dir by Similar But Different)

I used to really like Katy Petty and then I ended up getting annoyed with her because Firework was so extremely overplayed and the whole “feud” with Taylor Swift just made me roll my eyes at both of them. However, I’ve recently come back to liking Katy Perry and appreciating her style of music. While everyone else was getting self-important and embracing the gloom, Katy was discovering how to live again, as you can hear with this song and see in this video. Ultimately, this song is right. It’s not the end of the world and some people out there kind of need to accept that.


Music Video Of The Day: Cozy Little Christmas by Katy Perry (2019, directed by WATTS)

Tis the season and all that.

Is Katy Perry married to Santa Claus?  I guess I could see the appeal of that.  I mean, Santa seems like he would at least always give you the perfect gift.  For instance, Santa would never give you a Peloton for Christmas.  He knows better.  Actually, though, if I was Mrs. Claus, I might get a Peloton for Santa because I do sometimes suspect that Santa might not be getting much exercise up at the North Pole.