Music Video Of The Day: Upside Down (and I Fall) by Jakalope (2006, dir by Lisa Mann)

For today’s music video of the day, how about another video from my favorite Canadian group, Jakalope?

This video was directed by Lisa Mann, who also directed Jakalope’s previous videos, Go Away, Feel It, and Pretty Life.


Music Video of the Day: Pretty Life by Jakalope (2004, dir by Lisa Mann and Vincent Marcone)

The latest season of Degrassi dropped on Netflix today.  Val’s already watched it and I’ll probably watch it this weekend.

In honor of this occasion, today’s music video of the day comes from the Canadian band, Jakalope.  Not only was Jakalope’s best-known song, Feel It, prominently featured in the classic Ghost in the Machine episode of Degrassi but Jakalope also performed Degrassi’s opening theme song from season 4 to season 7.  Part of my ritual, before watching any season of Degrassi, is to spend an hour listening to Jakalope.  It gets me just in the right mood.  My Canadian friends understand.

Pretty Life comes from Jakalope’s debut album, It Dreams.  (It Dreams was co-produced by Trent Reznor and his unmistakable influence in present in both the songs and the videos.)  After watching Pretty Life, be sure to check out the videos for Feel It and Go Away.

As an extra bonus, here is Jakalope performing the Degrassi theme song during season 4:

And here is the instrumental version that was used during seasons 6 and 7.  These opening credits are taken from season 7.  (If the opening credits seem a bit crowded that’s because, during season 7, apparently every teenager in Canada had a role on Degrassi.)


Music Video of the Day: Go Away by Jakalope (2005, dir by Lisa Mann)

Hi, everyone!

Normally, this is Val’s feature but she’s currently in recovery after overdosing on Abba-related videos and attempting to watch Rob Zombie’s Halloween, all in the same night.  So, I’m going to take this opportunity to toss in a music video from my favorite Canadian band, Jakalope!

(Jakalope was not only heavily featured on Degrassi but they even did a version of that show’s timeless theme song.)

From their debut album, It Dreams, here is Go Away!

The video for Go Away continues the story that was started in the video for Feel It.  Both videos were directed by Lisa Mann.

It Dreams was produced by Trent Reznor and his also one of the five writers credited for this song.  His influence certainly is felt, in both the song and the video!


Music Video Of The Day: Feel It By Jakalope (2004, dir by My Pet Skeleton and Lisa Mann)

Today’s music video of the day is Feel It by Jakalope, one of my favorite Canadian bands!

I’m a huge fan of both this song and this video.  The song, which was co-written by Trent Reznor, first appeared on Jakalope’s debut album, It Dreams.  It Dreams was also co-produced by Reznor and perhaps it’s appropriate that the video itself is reminiscent of some of the videos that Mark Romanek directed by Nine Inch Nails.

(The video itself was directed by Lisa Mann and graphic artist Vincent Marcone, aka My Pet Skeleton.)

One of the great things about being a fan of Degrassi is that it’s exposed to me Canadian bands, like Jakalope.  In fact, from season 4 through 7, Jakalope performed the show’s famous theme song.  As for Feel It, it can be heard in Ghost In The Machine, the premiere episode of Degrassi’s fourth season.

In fact, the entire fourth season was full of great music!  In particular, Islands in the Stream, the season’s 6th episode, featured a beautiful song called Pretty People, which was performed by the Robber Who Robbed The Town.  I have searched and searched and I have yet to find Pretty People ANYWHERE!  Seriously, it is sooooo frustrating!

Oh well.  At least I have Feel It