It’s Love!

0Starting in the late 1940s, many comic book companies tried to broaden their audience by publishing romance comic books.  These comics told dramatic love stories in which young women had to deal with issues of cheating, divorce, jealousy, heartache, and the search for the one.  With Valentine’s Day approaching, here are some classic romance comic book covers.

Ideal RomanceDespite with that cover says, this romance doesn’t seem to be ideal.

Love Lessons

John certainly looks serious.  I hope Doris Bigelow gave her some good advice.

Love nd RomanceI don’t know how anyone could stay square after seeing that facial hair.

Love RomancesDidn’t anyone in these comics get along with their sister?

My Romantic AdventuresLove can drive you crazy.

Radiant LoveAt least they have something in common.

Secret HeartsLike Beyoncé says, put a ring on it…

True Life SecretsI love the blue eyeshadow.

Young Love 2Love, fun, and commitment issues on the beach.

Young Love 3I hear Heart Break is lovely this time of year.

Young LoveI don’t think this is going to work out.


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