Music Video of the Day: Work It by Adi Ulmansky (2013, dir by Diana Grace Windsor)

It’s Adi Ulmansky in space!

I should probably say some more about this video.  Adi Ulmansky is an Israeli rapper and producer and a former member of Lorena B.  I was introduced to her music by my best friend, Evelyn and what can I say other than we absolutely love Adi Ulmansky.  In this video, we get both Adi in space and some appropriately metaphorical animation.  What does it all mean?  I don’t know and it doesn’t really matter.  It’s a good song.  It’s a good video.  In the end, that’s the most important analysis that’s needed.

(I’ve seen Adi described as being “the Israeli Drake,” which is not a totally off description.  Of course, ultimately, Adi is uniquely Adi.)