Music Video of the Day: Stop This Train by Adi Ulmansky (2013, dir by Yonathan Weitzman)

Today, we have another music video from our queen, the amazing Adi Ulmansky.

As for what it’s all about …. well, I don’t know.  That’s the main reason I responded to the video.  The more surreal and dream-like the better has always been my philosophy and this video leaves me wondering if I should go to work tomorrow or if I should hide for a few days.  The sight of someone smiling while wearing clown make-up will do that to you.

Of course, it’s possible that J.W. Dunne was correct when he theorized that there is no such thing as “now” and all time may be happening all at once.  In which case, I’ve either already gone to work or I’m currently hiding in my house.  Of course, I may have misunderstood Dunne’s point.  To be honest, for the longest time, I thought John Gregory Dunne was the one with all the theories about how time worked but then I realized that I was confusing my Dunnes.  However, John Gregory Dunne did write a book called The Studio, which is the definitive portrait of Hollywood at the end of the studio system.  Dunne wrote a later book about Hollywood called Monster which is interesting just because it gives you all the details about went on behind the scenes during the production of one of the most forgettable films ever made.

Anyway, enjoy the video!

Music Video of the Day: Swallow My Gum by Lorena B (2011, dir by Ido Shor)

Before Adi Ulmansky went solo, she was a member of the Israeli experiment electronic group, Lorena B.  Along with creating a dream-like soundscape, Lorena B were known for their visceral and challenging music videos, the best of which were like surreal visual poems.

Take Swallow My Gum, for instance.  Swallow My Gum was both Lorena B’s first single and their first video.  (It was also the first track on their debut album, the self-produced Siblings.)  The video starts out as just another drive through the Israeli desert, just to get progressively stranger and stranger.  Is Adi just along for the ride or is she being held prisoner in the back of that car?  Is she traveling or is she being taken somewhere?  Are the answers even present in the video or is it more important that we decide for ourselves?  What are we to make of the child who continually flickers in out and existence?  Whenever I see her atop the power lines, I’m reminded of the scene in Twin Peaks: The Return, where Harry Dean Stanton watched a dead child’s soul disappear into a traffic light.

It’s a video that plays out like a dream of dark and disturbing things.

As for the song itself …. well, gum could be taken all sorts of way, couldn’t it?

Anyway, enjoy!

Music Video of the Day: Work It by Adi Ulmansky (2013, dir by Diana Grace Windsor)

It’s Adi Ulmansky in space!

I should probably say some more about this video.  Adi Ulmansky is an Israeli rapper and producer and a former member of Lorena B.  I was introduced to her music by my best friend, Evelyn and what can I say other than we absolutely love Adi Ulmansky.  In this video, we get both Adi in space and some appropriately metaphorical animation.  What does it all mean?  I don’t know and it doesn’t really matter.  It’s a good song.  It’s a good video.  In the end, that’s the most important analysis that’s needed.

(I’ve seen Adi described as being “the Israeli Drake,” which is not a totally off description.  Of course, ultimately, Adi is uniquely Adi.)


Music Video of the Day: Snow by ADI (2017, dir by Shir Rosenthal)

I’ve got snow on the mind.

To anyone who knows me, that should not come as a surprise.  In fact, I put my friends and family through this every year.  Once December rolls around, I start obsessively talking about how much I hope that it will snow.  It always starts out as a cute but, around the 15th, I always start to curse the lack of snow in the forecast.  By the time the 24th hits, I’m usually stamping my foot and making demands.

(Of course, I live in Texas so it’s rare that my snow wish is ever fulfilled.  If it does snow here, it’ll probably be in late January or maybe Febuary.  A few years ago, it did actually snow in Texas on Christmas Day but, even so, it was really more of a light dusting than a real blizzard.)

This year …. well, it’s not even supposed to get down to freeing on Christmas Day.  That’s a shame because we are supposed to get hit by some rainstorms.  So, we’ll get flooded but we wont get any ice or snow.  Oh well.  As long as the sun isn’t shining, I guess I’ll be happy.

Anyway, you may be wondering what all of this has to do with today’s music video of the day and the answer is not much.  The song is called Snow but it’s not actually about snow.  Instead, it uses snow as a metaphor for an intense relationship.  The video itself doesn’t feature a blizzard, either.  Still, I’ve got snow on the mind and this song and video may be as close as I’m going to get before this year ends.

Don’t get me wrong.  Even if it’s not about real snow, I still like the video and the song because Adi Ulmansky is one of my favorite artists.  (Again, I have to thank my BFF Evelyn for introducing me to her music.)  This video was directed Shir Rosenthal, who is also credited with directing the video for Adi’s Dreamin‘.


(And keep your hopes up for snow in Texas!)

Music Video of the Day: Dreamin’ by ADI featuring KDC (2015, dir by Shir Rosenthal and Adi Ulmansky)

For today’s music video of the day, we have more from Adi Ulmansky.

The video switches between shots Adi defiantly performing and shots of Adi defiantly walking down the streets of Tel Aviv.  The important thing to remember here is defiance.  This song, which features the American rapped KDC, was produced by Austin’s own Eric Dingus.


Music Video Of The Day: Adi Ulmansky — Gurl Powa (2013, dir by Adi Ulmansky and Nir Perry)

My BFF Evelyn and I absolutely love Adi Ulmansky so I figured what better way to start a new month than with one of her videos?

What’s going on this video?  I’m not really sure.  Obviously, Adi’s in an arcade but what’s going on with the dancing bear?  It’s probably best not to question too much.  The important thing is that everyone appears to be having a good time and that this song appears on an album called Shit Just Got Real.