Music Video of the Day: Break The Rules by Charli XCX (2014, dir by Marc Klasfeld)

Needless to say, I support this message.  All rules should be broken.

Also, the top of a school bus apparently makes for a good performance space.  Actually, the same thing can probably be said of all buses in general.  If you’ll remember the classic film Degrassi Goes Hollywood, Studz ended up performing on top of a bus and really impressing Kevin Smith.  As anyone who watched Degrassi can tell you, Studz was actually a pretty sucky band that only had about three songs (one of which was that terrible House Arrest song) so obviously it was not the band’s sound that won Kevin Smith’s attention.  Instead, it was all about the fact that they were standing on top of a bus….

At least, that’s the way I remember it.  It’s been a while since I watched the movie.  They could have been standing on a van, to be honest.  Or maybe they were on one of those boats that got jammed up in the Suez Canal last year.  I don’t quite remember.  I probably need to watch Degrassi Goes Hollywood again, both for the bus performance and the Ellie/Craig scenes.  Perhaps that’s what we should all do this week.  Canada needs the love, eh?

Anyway, break the rules.  I’m going to start by parking wherever I feel like parking.  Take that, parking police!


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