AMV of the Day: Chained (Princess Tutu)


The latest AMV of the Day comes courtesy of one of my favorite amv creators. Vivifx created this particular video almost 5 years ago.

“Gravity” is a beautiful video and really does a great job pairing Sara Bereilles’ song “Gravity” with the more lovely and bittersweet emotions that brings up the relationship between Ahiru (Princess Tutu) and ballet dancer Mytho. It’s just one aspect of the the Princess Tutu anime, but one that show’s the animated series’ very mature storytelling.

I still find it amusing that when I mention anime to the uninitiated they look at me funny. They still think it’s just cutesy cartoons from Japan that only cater children or just cartoon porn (hentai). Producers of anime do make them for kids, but they also understand that kids have enough mental and emotional capacity within themselves to handle some of the mature themes and ideas being told through the very cutesy animation presented to them.

I wrote a couple years ago that one such anime that people should be watching is the series Princess Tutu and this video just reinforces that recommendation even more. When paired up with another AMV of the Day (Danse de Raven) that also uses the Princess Tutu series as a foundation it should more than make some curious to check out the anime.

I know Lisa will appreciate that it’s a video that doesn’t just have dancing, but ballet…

Anime: Princess Tutu

Song: “Gravity” by Sara Bareilles

Creator: Vivifx

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