Music Video of the Day: Save Me by Saint Motel (2020, cinematography by Mario Contini)

Along with their “official” videos, Saint Motel also frequently releases videos for alternate versions of their songs.  This is for the acoustic version of Save Me, which can be found on The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album.

This video description on YouTube offers up only one credit — which is “cinematography by Mario Contini.”  I know that A/J Jackson is usually credited for directing the group’s videos (and, of course, he’s the band’s lead singer as well) but since I don’t have any official listing for a director, I’m just going to leave that credit blank.

Mario Contini, according the imdb, has worked on several music videos, including ones by Lady Gaga, Post Malone, and Muse.  I like the look of this video.  The band certainly has a talent for finding good locations in which to be filmed performing.


Music Video Of The Day: Van Horn by Saint Motel (2020, dir by A/J Jackson)

What’s this?

It’s a great video for a great song performed by my current favorite band, Saint Motel!  The video was directed by A/J Jackson, who is also the lead singer.  (I nearly called him the “adorable lead singer” but, to be honest, the entire band is pretty damn adorable.)  Saint Motel has always been as much about the visual arts as it’s been about the music.  I saw Saint Motel live just a few weeks ago and seriously, they’re great.  It was a fun show and if you ever get a chance to see them, take it!

I should also note that this song was apparently inspired by a night that the band spent in the town of Van Horn, Texas.  I’ve actually been to Van Horn and this video does a pretty good job of capturing the place.  I get the feeling that I may like the town a little bit more than the members of Saint Motel but no matter.  It’s a good song and a good video and the dog is cute.


Music Video of the Day: Benny Goodman by Saint Motel (2012, dir by A/J Jackson)

Let’s get this week off to a good start with this video from Saint Motel!

If this video doesn’t make you want to dance, I don’t know what to tell you.

That is Miles Brown, also known as Baby Boogaloo, dancing.  At the time of this video, he was around eight years old.  He’s currently a part of the cast of Black-ish, playing Jack Johnson.