Scenes That I Love: Clara Bow Prepares For Her Date In 1927’s It!

It (1927, directed by Clarence Badger)

Today, we celebrate the birthday of my pre-code, silent film role model, the amazing Clara Bow!  Clara was born 115 years ago, on this date, in Brooklyn, New York.  As an actress, she was one of the biggest stars of the silent era.  She came to represent the the Roaring 20s in all of their glory.  She also co-starred in the first film to ever win the Oscar for Best Picture, Wings!

Below is a scene from my favorite Clara Bow film, 1928’s It.  Playing a poor but confident shopgirl who falls in love with her wealthy boss, Bow was so popular with audiences that she became known as the “It Girl.”

In the scene below, she prepares for a date with her boss.  She may not be as rich as her romantic rivals but she doesn’t let that stand in her way.  She’s Clara Bow.  She’s got it and she knows it.

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