Here’s The Trailer for Pinocchio!

When you wish upon a star….

Well, I guess you get another live action remake of a beloved Disney classic.  In this case, the remake is Pinocchio.  Now before anyone rolls their eyes at another Disney remake, it should perhaps be considered that this one is being directed by Robert Zemeckis and it stars Tom Hanks as the lonely puppet maker.  To be honest, this seems like a good fit for Zemeckis’s style of storytelling and Tom Hanks seems like a good fit for Geppetto and he’s got experience playing a toy so he should at least understand Pinocchio’s point of view.

The film is set to drop on Disney+ on September 8th and I know at least one member of the TSL crew will be watching.  At the very least, this will probably be a little bit better than the Roberto Benigni film.

Here’s the trailer!

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