Here’s The Trailer For Weird!

A lot of people on Twitter were very, very excited today when the trailer for Weird dropped. 

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story is …. well, the plot is right there in the title.  It’s the Al Yankovic story.  Since Yankovic has reportedly managed to avoid drugs, alcohol, and all of the other usual rock star debauchery, one can imagine that this will be a music biopic unlike any other.

Playing the title character is Daniel Radcliffe.  Radcliffe, I have to say, has had a varied and interesting career ever since his former franchise ended.  I guess one of the advantages of having Harry Potter money is that you can afford to take a few risks when it comes to picking your films.  Good for him.  We need actors who are willing to take chances.   

Here’s the trailer.  Weird will stream on Roku later this year.