I Watched Coffee Shop (2014, dir. by Dave Alan Johnson)

Donavan (Laura Vandervoort) owns a coffee shop in a small town.  Everyone loves her shop but she’s not making any money because she’s not a good manager and she lets her staff and her customers walk all over her.  When Ben (Cory M. Grant) comes in the shop and tries to order tea, Donavan thinks that he’s the businessman who wants to buy her shop and turn it into a parking garage.  She yells at him but then it turns out that he’s a playwright from New York who is just on vacation after his latest flop.  Donavan and Ben fall in love but then the real businessman shows up and it looks like Donavan might lose her business.  And then, on top of everything else, Donavan discovers that Ben is writing a play about her situation so she breaks up with him and tells him that he’s not welcome in her shop, even if he has the perfect plan to save it.  Who thinks like that!?  He’s so inspired by her and how much everyone in town loves her that he wants to immortalize her on stage.  How is that a bad thing?

Even though this wasn’t made for Hallmark, it basically is a Hallmark film.  There’s no profanity.  There’s no sex.  I don’t know why it was even rated PG.  I liked the small town and the coffee shop looked like it would be a nice place to hang out.  The story was too predictable and a lot of Donavan’s financial problem were due to her just being really bad at her job so I had a hard time feeling sorry for her.  She should have let someone else run the coffee shop if she was that incompetent.

On a personal note: I’d like to own a coffee shop but I would want it to be located near a baseball stadium.  Coffee and baseball is a combo I can get behind.

4 responses to “I Watched Coffee Shop (2014, dir. by Dave Alan Johnson)

  1. Reminds me of “Waitress” in the idea of setting a film almost completely in one location and capturing that “we all know this kind of place” feeling..I really loved that one and in fact have done a “dinner and a movie” post where I list ALL of the pies named in the film!


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