Titans, S2 Ep13, “Nightwing”, Review by Case Wright

“Nightwing”- The final boss battle. Titans v Deathstroke! Fight!

The episode opens with a Cadmus infomercial. They have mind mushed Conner and now he is a mindless obedient super-soldier. Cadmus will begin phase II of their evil plan at a county fair. They’re food prices are already evil. Gar goes from eating a sno-cone at the fair to a hungry Tiger.



Dawn, Raven, Wondergirl, and Starfire respond, but during their commute- Deathstroke -badasses and attacks. Just as he’s about to kill everyone-

Nightwing enters!


Nightwing Vs Deathstroke! Fight!

So sad, Rose joined up with the Titans. Kids today. Rose goes all Patricide and my favorite Villain goes down. Esai Morales is truly a national treasure. Such an amazing performance. You couldn’t help but see his POV. He was moral within his form of Bushido. His son was lied to and manipulated by the Titans. Deathstroke’s humor and snark was just great!

I wish that this final boss battle had gone on longer and maybe even had him escape. It’s so hard to see this character gone.

We return to the county fair. Gar is apparently never full. I always get tired after Fair Food. Conner easily dispatches to pesky kitty.

Now, it’s Conner V Titans! FIGHT!

Cadmus is doing an auction for the rights to own Conner. It’s identical how Sotheby’s runs. Bruce intercedes and cancels the bidding and blocking communication.

To defeat Conner, the Titans must work together. Rachel gets Dick inside Conner’s mind and chats/redecorates to save him. Not just for the return of Conner’s mental health, but it really opened up the room.

They end up at a virtual Kansas and Conner’s all normal again. Everything is all better, except for the powerlines……

Poor Wondergirl stops the power tower from falling on everyone and….she dies. UGHHH! Really?! She’s my favorite. Raven thinks she can bring her back to life. PLEASE DO!!!

The ending scene between Bruce and Dick put their past to rest. I liked it.

Hank and Dawn’s last scene; you can see the strength in Dawn and weakness in Hank. He wants to get back together and she shoots him down and that’s probably for the best, BUT she’s open to fighting as Hawk and Dove.

The episode ends with an awkward dinner and the beginning of a new mission – a crime has begun. The Titans are back.

The episode ends with Blackfire taking over a mom. Bummer. Those poor kids are all alone?!

Question: Dick and Conner are wanted fugitives. Dick’s in his hometown at his last known residence. Did the F.B.I. and US Marshals get really lazy. I’d find him in 15 minutes.

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