Titans, S3 Ep1, “Barbara Gordon”, Review by Case Wright

It’s here! The new season of Titans!!!! “Barbara Gordon” opens with Jason Todd who has tracked down the Joker. Uh oh. He calls it in to Bruce, but Bruce tells him to stand down. This is painful. Oh No! He decides to go on his own.

Jason arrives at the Joker’s location. It’s an abandoned amusement park and guards have been killed by Smilex Gas. The Joker beats Jason to death with a crowbar.

The next scene feeds right into Nightwing kicking ass with electrified clubs. Awesome! Gar kicks ass and eats someone. Conner smash! Starfire is in full-force. The bad guy is easily dispatched.

We’re back at Gotham City and we’re focusing a lot on a delivery guy. Oh no, Door Dash is getting weaponized now?

We learn that Robin is Dead and Dick goes home to Bruce. We are comforted by Lord Huron – Meet me in the woods.

Dick goes into Jason’s room. We get a clue- Jason was studying chemistry. Earlier, Jason took an inhaler of super-juice.

We get to go inside the batcave again!! Awesome! Much better batcave than Season 1! Great job art department!

Bruce immediately moved on and buried him. Bruce is one cold-blooded bastard.

Back at Titans Tower, Starfire just craps on Jason and his foolhardiness. Does anyone have anything but a surgical steel heart in this show besides Dick? Now, Gar is talking to himself and thirsting over Raven.

Dick meets up with Barbara. She’s in a wheelchair and maybe moonlighting as Oracle? The episode is turning into a detective story. I love it. Dick convinces Babs to talk to Bruce.

Bruce, Dick, and Babs get together and talk war stories. Then, she lays into Bruce. Cruel. She says Bruce is as crazy the Fucking Joker. They just go back and forth so he can keep being Batman like an alcoholic to Vodka. She blames Bruce for her father’s death, Dick’s vigilantism, Jason’s death, Quickster, New Coke, canceling #manifest, and underwear that hasn’t gone tagless.

Dick continues his investigation on what Jason was up to before his death. Maybe we’ll find out the secret of the ooz…I mean inhaler.

Dick finds Jason’s abandoned lab and some of the super-juice. Dick beats the piss out of someone aaaaaand it’s awesome. Dick goes back to the cave and analyzes the super-juice. Dick learns that Bruce is already looking for a new Robin, including Kerry Kelly.

Dick digs into Bruce as well saying he’s as bad as the Joker and Bruce offers him his old job as Robin. Bruce admits that he can’t do it alone. Dick is stunned and turns it down. For the first time, Bruce is human.

Starfire just teleported and had a vision. WTF?! Bruce returns that he killed the Joker with the crowbar Joker used to kill Jason. He gives the city to Dick and turns over Batman to him.
Bruce broke his rule and now Batman is dead, Bruce is all that remains, but the Bat could be reborn by Dick Grayson. This episode just grabs you. Everyone is in a different place by the end. Soon, we will see the birth of the Red Hood.

The performances by Iain Glen and Brenton Thwaites were just so visceral and real. This should be a For Your Consideration episode!

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