Lisa Marie’s Week In Review: 8/16/21 — 8/22/21

This week …. it’s been difficult.  I’m usually avoid the 24-hour news channels.  I usually don’t watch CNN, MSNBC, or FOX because I find the relentless partisan focus of those networks to be difficult to take.  (CNN is the worst because at least MSNBC and FOX are honest enough to admit that they take one side over the other.  CNN’s still pretending that Chris Cuomo was hired for his skills as a journalist.)  But this week, I’ve been watching the news from Afghanistan.  It’s made me think about a lot of things.  Last weekend, I was locked out of my Twitter account for 18 hours and I acted like it was the end of the world.  Meanwhile, for many people in Afghanistan and other countries, they’re going to be lucky to even survive the week.  I’ve been able to get an education, a good job, and I live a life that I love and, far too often, I take all of that granted.

That said, I have to take a break from it all next week.  I’m not going to tune out the news, of course.  That’s never a real solution, no matter how nice it sounds.  But I can’t watch any more of the 24 hour news channels.  I just can’t.  The relentless doomsaying is just not healthy.

On the plus side, I watched a lot of movies this week.  And I’m going to watch a lot more this upcoming week.  I’ve got 9 days to watch 56 movies.  That’s like …. 7 movies a day.  Wow, that’s a lot.  Well, I better get started then!

Films I Watched:

  1. The Bag (2021)
  2. Blue Sky (1994)
  3. Break-Up Nightmare (2016)
  4. Capture The Flag (2021)
  5. Daydreamer (2021)
  6. Don’t Forget To Tip (2021)
  7. Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (1956)
  8. Full Moon In Blue Water (1988)
  9. Gleaming the Cube (1989)
  10. Hardflip (2012)
  11. Headwaters (2021)
  12. The Invisible Brown Man (2021)
  13. Kids Who Kill (2017)
  14. Monopoly (2021)
  15. No Man’s Land (2021)
  16. Northwoods (2021)
  17. A Party Gone Wrong (2021)
  18. Satan’s Triangle (1975)
  19. The Secret (2021)
  20. Shannon’s Rainbow (2009)
  21. The Silence of the Lambs: The Inside Story (2010)
  22. Soulmates (2021)
  23. Spring (2021)
  24. $tacks (2020)
  25. T-shirt (2021)
  26. Thrashin’ (1986)
  27. Val (2021)

Television Shows I Watched:

  1. Bachelor in Paradise
  2. Big Brother
  3. Dragnet
  4. Hell’s Kitchen
  5. Lonesome Dove
  6. The Love Boat
  7. Saved By The Bell
  8. Talking Dead
  9. The Walking Dead

Books I Read:

  1. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2021) by Quentin Tarantino

Music To Which I Listened:

  1. Aaron Neville
  2. Alphaville
  3. Armin van Buuren
  4. Atlantic Starr
  5. Avicii
  6. The Band
  7. The Bangles
  8. Big Data
  9. Billy Joel
  10. Bon Jovi
  11. Britney Spears
  12. Cedric Gervais
  13. The Chemical Brothers
  14. Cherry Glazerr
  16. Daft Punk
  17. Deadmau5
  18. Dean Martin
  19. Dillon Francis
  20. Dolly Parton
  21. Dusty Springfield
  22. Erasure
  23. Frank Sinatra
  24. Giorgio Moroder
  25. Gloria Estefan
  26. Haim
  27. Harry Nilsson
  28. Heatwave
  29. Jakalope
  30. James Ingram
  31. Joan Baez
  32. Joe Satriani
  33. Kaskade
  34. The Killers
  35. Lady Gaga
  36. Limahl
  37. Liza Minnelli 
  38. Lorde
  39. Lou Johnson
  40. Mahlia Jackson
  41. Naked Eyes
  42. Natalie Cole
  43. Neil Diamond
  44. Noromakina
  45. The O’Jays
  46. OMD
  47. Paul Gross
  48. Pet Shop Boys
  49. Pete Seeger
  50. Queen
  51. Randy Travis
  52. Rick Astley
  53. Rod Stewart
  54. Saint Motel
  55. Shania Twain
  56. Shirley Bassey
  57. Skrillex 
  58. Taylor Swift
  59. Tevin Campbell
  60. Tiesto
  61. Vengaboys
  62. Waze & Odyssey 
  63. Whitney Houston
  64. Willie Nelson


  1. Afterlife of the Party
  2. The Survivalist

News From Last Week:

  1. Sonny Chiba Dies at 82
  2. Micki Grant, composer and playwright, has died at the age of 80
  3. Don Everly, of the Everly Brothers, dies at 84
  4. Tom T. Hall, the story teller of country music, dies at 85
  5. Rochester Man — Tallest in the United States — has Died
  6. Photographer Chuck Close Dead at 81
  7. Godfather of Taiwan cinema, director Lee Hsing, dies at 91
  8. Multimedia Artist Kaari Upson has died at 51
  9. Quebec Film Producer Rock Demers Dies at 87
  10. English Comedian Sean Lock dies at 58
  11. We Love NYC concert: Music history before Central Park was washed out
  12. Angelina Jolie joins Instagram to share letter from Afghan teen ‘fighting for their basic human rights’
  13. Mike Richards Out as Jeopardy Host
  14. OnlyFans will ban pornography, starting in October
  15. “Halo Infinite” Skips Forge, Co-Op At Launch
  16. Box Office: ‘PAW Patrol’ Crushes Hugh Jackman’s ‘Reminiscence’ as ‘Free Guy’ Remains No. 1

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TV Review: The Walking Dead 11.1 “Acheron: Part One” (dir by Kevin Dowling)

“How are Father Gabriel and Eugene still alive?”

That was my initial reaction while watching the premiere episode of the 11th and final season of The Walking Dead. You have to understand that it’s been a while since I last watched The Walking Dead. I lost interest in the show after Carl died during season 8. I could put up with the slow pace, the constant introductions of new eccentric colonies, and the occasionally overwrought dialogue but the death of Carl pretty much removed the element of hope from the show and without hope, what’s the point?

Though I wasn’t watching, I did vaguely keep up with what was happening on the show, largely through my friends on twitter. I know, for instance, that Rick Grimes is believed to be dead, even though he’s alive. I know that Michonne is alive but no longer on the show. I know that Negan is alive but basically a prisoner. I know that Maggie’s in charge and Darryl is her second-in-command. I know there’s been a time jump. And I know that season 11 is slated to be the final of the original series, which is why I decided that I might as well watch and attempt to review it.

(I say attempt because, honestly, this show has a history of capturing my acceptance with a few good episodes, just for me to subsequently lose interest once the narrative momentum stalls out about halfway through the season.)

While I knew a lot about what had happened on the show, what I did not know were that Father Gabriel and Eugene were still alive. I seriously figured that, if anyone was destined to either get eaten by walkers or beaten to death by whoever the season’s big bad was, it would be Gabriel and Eugene. And yet, Gabriel and Eugene are still alive, whereas so many other strong characters have died. In Eugene’s case, I’m going to guess that he’s a fun character to write for and Josh McDermitt’s performance in the role is so wonderfully odd that I can imagine the show’s producers and writers want to keep him around as long as possible. As for Gabriel …. well, who knows? He’s got one eye and that collar is still amazingly clean but otherwise, I’m stunned that Gabriel is still getting in the way.

As for tonight’s episode, it felt like a typical episode of The Walking Dead. (Or, at least, that’s the way it felt to me. As I said, it’s been a few years since I last regularly watched.) We had two storylines. In the first one, Negan, Darryl, Maggie, Gabriel, and a bunch of doomed, anonymous people went on a journey to a possibly abandoned military base. However, a storm forced them to take shelter in a subway tunnel. The tunnel turned out to be full of walkers and, in typical Walking Dead fashion, there were hints that the tunnel was also the home to yet another colony of weirdoes. Negan challenged Maggie’s authority but, for once, he managed to do it without launching into a ten-minute monologue. (Instead, it was just a three minute speech.) The show ended with the suggestion that Negan may have abandoned Maggie to be eaten by walkers. I have a feeling that Maggie’s going to survive and probably meet a bunch of weird people living somewhere in the tunnel.

The second storyline featured Ezekiel, Gabriel, Princess, and Yumiko being held prisoner in the Commonwealth, a community where everyone dressed like an Imperial Storm Trooper. In a nicely-edited scene, the four of them were interrogated and asked a series of questions that may have seemed meaningless but which were clearly designed to break down their defenses and brainwash them. I actually preferred the second storyline to the first, if just because of the enjoyable eccentric dialogue and the performances of McDermitt, Khary Payton, Paola Lazaro, and Eleanor Matsuura. I’m actually looking more forward to the continuation of their adventures than I am to several episodes of Darryl and Negan yelling at each other in the subway tunnel.

This episode of The Walking Dead was better than I expected. I did miss the quiet authority of Andrew Lincoln but, at the same time, the action moved a bit quicker than I remembered it moving back in season 8. As well, the subway tunnel was a wonderfully creepy location and I’m genuinely curious about what’s going on with the Common Wealth. I’m looking forward to next week’s show. It’s been a while since I watched but I’ve still got enough emotion invested in the show that I can say that I hope Maggie’s alive!

As I said above, I’m going to try to review this final season. The Walking Dead started the same year as Through The Shattered Lens, after all! Though I think everyone here at the TSL has had our frustrations with the series, it’s still definitely a part of this site’s history. I’m looking forward to seeing how (and if) the story ends.

Music Video of the Day: Looking for Clues by Robert Palmer (1980, directed by ????)

On August 1st, 1980, MTV premiered and played over 160 unique music videos in a 24 hour period.  The 22nd video that they played was the video for In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins.  This was followed by the video for Looking For Clues by Robert Palmer.

Robert Palmer was an artist who would later become famously and forever linked to MTV with his video for Addicted to Love.  Looking for Clues was the first Palmer video to air on MTV and it doesn’t feature the models who would later become famous for pretending to be Palmer’s backing band.  Instead, it features giant phones, giant letter blocks, and Robert Palmer looking for clues.


The First Videos Shown on MTV:

  1. Video Killed the Radio Star by the Buggles
  2. You Better Run by Pat Benatar
  3. She Won’t Dance With Me by Rod Stewart
  4. You Better You Bet By The Who
  5. Little Suzi’s On The Up by PH.D
  6. We Don’t Talk Anymore by Cliff Richard
  7. Brass in Pocket by Pretenders
  8. Time Heals by Todd Rundgren
  9. Take It On The Run by REO Speedwagon
  10. Rockin’ in Paradise by Styx
  11. When Things Go Wrong by Robin Lane & The Chartbusters
  12. History Never Repeats by Split Enz
  13. Hold On Loosely by .38 Special
  14. Just Between You And Me by April Wine
  15. Sailing by Rod Stewart
  16. Iron Maiden by Iron Maiden
  17. Keep On Loving You by REO Speedwagon
  18. Better Than Blue by Michael Johnson
  19. Message of Love by The Pretenders
  20. Mr. Briefcase by Lee Ritenour
  21. Double Life by The Cars
  22. In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins