Something Old, Something New — And Something Borrowed, But That’s Okay : “Chad In Amsterdam”

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

sOne of the best things about this “critic gig” of mine is the unexpected pleasures that await you in your mailbox on a near-daily basis —on the other hand, one of the worst things about it is the artistic detritus that also awaits you in your mailbox on a near-daily basis. I don’t fault anyone for being industrious enough to send me their wares, that’s for sure — there’s a lot of material out there for the comics reader to spend his, her, or their hard-earned money on, after all, and while I like to think of our small-press/self-publishing scene as a community, let’s not kid ourselves : when it comes to getting your comics into the hands of consumers, it’s a competition, and any little bit of publicity you can get helps. Creators that understand the value of critical outreach have a leg up in that regard.


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Music Video of the Day: You Better Run by Pat Benatar (1980, directed by ????)

Yesterday’s music video was the first ever video to air on MTV.

The video for Pat Benatar’s You Better Run was the second.  As opposed to the video for Video Killed The Radio Star, You Better Run is a performance clip.  There’s no special effects but there’s a lot of Pat Benatar, which is just as good.