Here’s The Red Band Trailer For The Suicide Squad

Earlier today, the red band trailer for The Suicide Squad was released!

It’s always kind of funny to me how excited some people get over red band trailers, when essentially red band trailers are just the same as regular trailers.  The main difference is that you get to hear people curse but is that really that exotic?  Red band trailers always remind me of a little kid trying to impress everyone by dropping the f-bomb.  I mean, we all already knew that The Suicide Squad was R-rated, right?  Maybe it’s just that I’ve seen so many Italian horror trailers that everything now seems tame by comparison.  I mean, once you’ve seen the trailer for Zombie Holocaust, it’s hard to be shocked.

Anyway, people with far more knowledge of The Suicide Squad than me are excited about this trailer so I will refrain from being too critical.  I mean, the trailer gets the job done.  If you were excited to see The Suicide Squad, I imagine that you’re still excited.  I think the only recent trailers that actively turned people from seeing a films that they might otherwise see were the trailers for Ghostsbusters and Cats.

Myself, I’m just looking forward to seeing what James Gunn does with the material.

Anyway, here’s the trailer!

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