Music Video of the Day: Crazy Inside by TAKIA (2020, dir by Jonathan Guttmann)

This is an especially relevant song and video for our day and age.  I think almost everyone has gone a little bit crazy inside, whether it’s from rage or just feeling a little bit stir-crazy at being shut up inside.

Of course, some people handle the craziness by going online and acting like a jackass.  Other people handle it by creating.  In this video, Keka Martin handles it by dancing.  That, by the way, is how I’ve also been handling it all.  Ever since I realized that this lockdown isn’t going to be ending anytime soon, not a day has gone by that I haven’t found time to dance a little.  It helps to keep me calm and centered and, even more importantly, it takes my mind off of the craziness all around.

“But, Lisa,” you’re saying, “I don’t dance!”

Well, that’s okay.  You don’t have to dance.  Maybe you should write.  Maybe you should watch an old movie.  Maybe you should just listen to music or tell yourself an old joke.  The important thing is to remember that there’s more to life than just worry and anxiety.  There’s creativity and movement and joy.  None of those things have to end just because the world kind of sucks right now.  In fact, it’s important that they don’t end.  Keeping creativity alive is the only thing that stand between us and authoritarianism.


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