Music Video of the Day: Rock the Boat by The Hues Corporation (1974, dir by ????)

“Rock the boat!”

“Don’t rock the boat, baby!”

“Rock the boat!”

“Don’t tip the boat over!”

I have to admit that, as much as I love this song, I find myself thinking about South Park whenever I hear the lyrics.  “Kick the baby!”  “Don’t kick the baby.”

I also have to admit that the main reason why I’m sharing this video today is because, earlier on Saturday night, I hosted a Punk v Disco party.  It’s hard to say which one won.  Punk started out strong but disco rallied quite a comeback during the final 30 minutes.  In the end, I’d have to call it a draw.

Anyway, Rock The Boat was reportedly the first disco song to ever make it to number one on the charts in the United States.  It holds up pretty well, doesn’t it?  I’ve always like the fact that you’ve got that chorus demanding that the boat by rocked and there’s that one, lonely voice saying, “Hey, let’s not do that.  Let’s not tip the boat over just yet, okay?”  If I ever find myself in a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean with a bunch of other people, this is the song that I’m going to sing to cheer everyone up.

As for this video, I assume it was done for television.  Don’t ask me what show they were appearing on.  I just like the song and the dancing.


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