Music Video Of The Day: High and Dry by Radiohead (1996, dir by Paul Cunningham)

Saturday was my sister Melissa’s birthday!  This is her favorite Radiohead song and I have to admit that I like it a lot as well.  I’m also a huge fan of this video.

But you know who reportedly does not care much for this song or this video?  Thom Yorke.  The leader singer of Radiohead has called the song “very bad” and apparently, it was only released because the band was being pressured by their label to release something with “commercial appeal.”  And I can understand why Yorke would by annoyed by that.  Certainly, the song is not as complex or enigmatic as other Radiohead songs.  It’s pretty simple by their standards.

But, I still like it.  If it’s a guilty pleasure, so be it.  It’s a song that you can sing along with and it just puts you into a certain mood and …. okay, I’m kind of starting to understand why Thom doesn’t care for the song.  It’s a good song but, outside of the melancholy tone, it doesn’t seem like a song that only could have come from Radiohead.  It’s a little bit generic when compared to some of the band’s other songs but it’s still definitely effective.  So if I ever meet Thom Yorke, I’ll probably keep my feelings about this song to myself.

(Either that or I’ll blurt out, “My sister loves High and Dry!  If I call her, will you sing it to her?!”  And then I’ll probably be escorted outside by security.)

I read that he also didn’t care much for this video.  Again, I have to disagree.  I like all the drama in the diner and I also like the fact that no one seems to notice either the car blowing up or the businessman getting murdered.  Instead, of everyone’s too busy in their own little world.

Happy birthday, Melissa Anne!


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