Happy Friday the 13th From The Shattered Lens!

To all of our readers,

Happy Friday the 13th from the humans and the cats of the Shattered Lens!

Today is a very special day.  It’s the first Friday the 13th of 2019!  It’s the unluckiest day of the year so take our advice and be careful out there.  In fact, maybe don’t go out at all.  Are you reading this at work?  Well, make up an excuse and go home.  Are you reading this at home?  Well, get out of there and go some place safer, like maybe work.

Have you broken a mirror today?  If yes, it’s time to go into hiding.

Have you knocked on wood?  If no, get to knocking.

Have you thrown salt over your shoulder?  If yes, please be aware that the effectiveness of salt in warding off evil spirits has been greatly exaggerated.

Today is Friday the 13th so we advise you to either stay inside and watch the movies or maybe go camping and live them for yourself.  But, most of all, be careful and enjoy this day!

Maybe it would be safest for you to just spend today exploring this site.  We’ve been doing this for nearly ten years and there’s a lot of good reviews to be found in the archives.  Go back and read Lisa’s game-changing essay about why she loves grindhouse movies.  Or maybe the post that started it all, Arleigh’s review of Avatar.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

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