Artist Profile: Wynne W. Davies (1892 — 1963)

Wynne W. Davies was born in London, the son of a cabinet maker and the oldest of five children.  Wynne’s artistic talents were obvious from an early age and, when he was 12, he won a scholarship to study at the South Kensington Museum School of Art.   When Wynne was 19, he found work as a merchant seaman and spent four years sailing the oceans before he eventually settled down in Australia.  After spending a few years working as a farmhand, Wynne finally decided to pursue a career in commercial illustration.  In 1922, he opened his first studio in Australia and soon found success.  With the exception of seven years that he spent living and working in New York City, Wynne Davies would spend the rest of his life and career in Australia.

Wynne Davies did everything from Disney film posters to paperback and pulp magazine covers.  His work often seems to have the same spirit of adventure that led Wynne Davies to eventually end up living in Australia.  Here’s just a small sampling of his work:


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