Lisa’s Week In Review: 9/17/18 — 9/23/18

September’s nearly over!  It rained all weekend and it’s supposed to rain all week but the important thing is that it’s nearly October and almost time for our annual horrorthon!  This upcoming week is going to be all about getting ready to make this the greatest October ever!

Here’s what I did this week:

Movies I Watched:

  1. Adrift (2018)
  2. The Best Man (1964)
  3. Bits and Pieces (1985)
  4. Cutthroat Island (1995)
  5. Death Wish 3 (1985)
  6. Death Wish 4: The Crackdown (1987)
  7. Death Wish V: The Face of Death (1994)
  8. First Reformed (2018)
  9. In the Blink Of An Eye (2009)
  10. The Island (1979)
  11. Life Itself (2018)
  12. Long Lost Daughter (2018)
  13. Marty (1955)
  14. No One Would Tell (2018)
  15. Ocean’s 8 (2018)
  16. One Night With The King (2006)
  17. Under the Electric Sky (2014)

Television Shows I Watched:

  1. American Pickers
  2. American Horror Story
  3. America’s Dumbest Criminals
  4. Bar Rescue
  5. Barter Kings
  6. Better Call Saul
  7. Big Brother 20
  8. Big Brother After Dark
  9. Castaway
  10. Dance Moms
  11. Degrassi
  12. The Deuce
  13. Doctor Phil
  14. Face the Truth
  15. Fear the Walking Dead
  16. I Dream of Jeannie
  17. I Feel Bad
  18. Inside the Manson Cult: The Lost Tapes
  19. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  20. King of the Hill
  21. LAPD: Life on the Beat
  22. Look Who’s Stalking
  23. Masterchef
  24. Murder by Numbers
  25. My Crazy Sex
  26. Parking Wars
  27. The Purge
  28. Shipping Wars
  29. Strange Evidence
  30. The Talk
  31. Twin Peaks: The Return
  32. Young Sheldon
  33. Your Worst Nightmare

Books I Read:

  1. The Art of Horror Movies (2018) edited by Stephen Jones
  2. Carrie (1974) by Stephen King
  3. The Plot To Kill The President (1972) by Jack Pearl
  4. The Zero Factor (1980) by William Oscar Johnson, Jr.

Music To Which I Listened:

  1. Above & Beyond
  2. AC Slater
  3. Afrojack
  4. Armin van Buuren
  6. Avicii
  7. Big Data
  8. The Black Keys
  9. Bob Dylan
  10. Carrie Underwood
  11. Cedric Gervais
  12. The Chemical Brothers
  13. Daemonia
  14. David Bowie
  15. Dillon Francis
  16. DJ Judaa
  17. Elle King
  18. Florence + The Machine
  19. The Flying Lizards
  20. Goblin
  21. Hardwell
  22. Icona Pop
  23. Jai Wolf
  24. Jakalope
  25. Johnny Nash
  26. Kedr Livanskiy
  27. The Killers
  28. Martin Garrix
  29. Muse
  31. Nine Inch Nails
  32. Phantogram
  33. Saint Motel
  34. Sleigh Bells
  35. Swedish House Mafia
  36. Tiesto
  37. Wavedash

Links From Last Week:

  1. On my sister’s photography site, she shared Commerce Tunnel, Love, Tribute, Two Trees, Sky, signs, and Creek.
  2. On my music site, I share music from Elle King, Sleigh Bells, Johnny Nash, Florence + The Machine, Bob Dylan, Kedr Livanskiy, and Nine Inch Nails.
  3. Accused Sexual Harrassers Thrived At NBC News
  4. How Michael Moore Lost His Audience
  5. Jared Leto, Class Warrior
  6. Watch an hour of deleted scenes from Blue Velvet
  7. Alfred Hitchcock Collectors’ Guide: The Pleasure Garden
  8. Dan Fogelman hits back at critics of his new film, Life Itself
  9. Chevy Chase is 74, sober, and ready to work.  The problem is nobody wants to work with him.

Links From The Site:

  1. Erin shared the Shadow Covers of Jim Steranko and artwork like The Hucksters, Twilight for the Gods, The Tight Corner, Dangerous Voyage, Sea Struck, The Champion, and The Love Pirate.
  2. Gary reviewed Life Begins In College, Santa Fe Trail, Movie Crazy, and Seasons in the Sun.
  3. Jeff share videos from Motley Crue and Primus and shared his weekly trailer round-up!
  4. I shared music videos by Afrojack, Dillon Francis, The Flying Lizards, Hardwell, and Armin van Buuren.  I shared both the Emmy winners and the trailer for Mary Poppins Returns!  And I reviewed the following movies: Cutthroat Island, The Island, In The Blink of An Eye, Life Itself, and Long Lost Daughter.  You should go read all of those reviews if you haven’t yet!
  5. Ryan reviewed A Perfect Failure and Flower Power and shared his weekly reading round-up!
  6. Arleigh shared the trailers for Apostle and Captain Marvel!

Want to see what I did last week?  Click here!

Weekly Trailer Round-Up: Joker, Stan & Ollie, Ralph Breaks The Internet, The Oath, Solis, The Haunting of Hill House, The Twilight Zone

Despite the success of Wonder Woman, DC Entertainment has still struggled when it comes to crafting a compelling cinematic universe.  The upcoming Joker is not an official part of the DCEU but that could change if the film is a success.  An origin story, Joker features Joaquin Phoenix taking on the role of the clown prince of crime.  Though it will be over a year before we see the final results, director Todd Phillips has released a teaser, showing us Phoenix in his Joker makeup.

In Stan & Ollie, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy finally get the biopic treatment, with John C. Reilly in the role of Hardy and Steve Coogan as Laurel.

Along with playing Oliver Hardy, John C. Reilly will also be returning to the role of Ralph in Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2.  The mayhem continues on November 2nd.

In The Oath, all Americans are required to sign a loyalty oath the day after Thanksgiving.  A new red band trailer for this dark comedy was released this week.

In Solis, Steven Ogg plays an astronaut who is trapped on a spacecraft that is on a collision course with the sun.  That’s not a good place to be.

Just in time for Halloween, Netflix will be reimagining The Haunting of Hill House as a ten-episode television series.  The show drops on October 12th.

Finally, The Twilight Zone is returning once again, this time under the direction of Jordan Peele.  The CBS All Access show will premiere in 2019.

Other trailers that were released this week:

Weekly Reading Round-Up : 09/16/2018 – 09/22/2018, “Now” #4 And New Minis From Brian Canini

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

From the best anthology comic in a decade to the best ongoing mini, this week had plenty to offer yours truly. It’s late as I write this, I’m tired, but I’m also enthused to talk comics, so let’s do just that —

I’m not sure what it is about fourth issues of anthologies, but in much the same way that Kramers Ergot #4 threw down the gauntlet and shouted “this is where comics are now, and this is where comics are going — dare you to stop us!” way back in the halcyon days of 2008, editor Eric Reynolds has assembled the very best of the best of veteran and emerging contemporary cartoonists to make much the same declaration here in 2018 with Now #4, which marks not only the (temporary?) pinnacle of this Fantagraphics series to date, but also something of a high-water mark for the anthology format in…

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Music Video of the Day: Jerry Was A Race Car Driver by Primus (1991, directed by ????)

The song may be about a drunk race car driver named Jerry and a retired fireman named Captain Pearson but the video is exhibit one of why nachos shouldn’t be left on the sidewalk.

Jerry Was A Race Car Driver was the second single to be release by Primus and it was their first song to receive heavy radio airplay.  It eventually peaked at number 23 on 1991’s Modern Rock Tracks.  Listen closely and you can hear a sample of Bill Moseley saying, “Dog will hunt!” in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.

As for the video, the man buying the nachos is played by Adam Gates while the skateboarder who collides with him is Primus’s guitarist, Larry LaLonde.  The performance footage was filmed at a Primus show at Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, California while the race car footage was filmed at the Petaluma speedway.  As for the claymation figures in the nachos, they are all creatures who appeared on the cover of Primus’s Sailing the Seas of Cheese album.