“Jim Osborne : The Black Prince Of The Underground” Proves It Wasn’t All Peace And Love With The “Flower Power” Generation

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

If you’re going to San Francisco —

Fuck the “flowers in your hair” stuff and forget the “gentle people” — you’d do better to keep an eye out for the speed freaks, junkies, pickpockets, gutter-dwelling lowlifes, psychotic serial killers, devil-worshipers, and predators of every stripe. The Mamas And The Papas may not know about these folks, but former underground enfant terrible Jim Osborne was very familiar with them, given that he drew them. He wrote about them. He got right inside their heads. And, as the years progressed, he became one of them.

Okay, sure, Osborne didn’t kill anyone (other than, over time, himself), but he was arguably the most complex figure to emerge from the underground comix scene, an incomparable illustrator with talent to spare and a meticulous eye for detail, his work never less than desperately, harrowingly, soul-deep ugly — so much so that even people who cut…

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Hollywood History Lesson: Errol Flynn in SANTA FE TRAIL (Warner Brothers 1940)

cracked rear viewer

A movie lover could get pretty spoiled living on a steady diet of Errol Flynn/Warner Brothers epics from the 30’s and 40’s. You’ve got Flynn, the personification of the classic “movie star”, performing heroic feats and romancing his leading lady (usually Olivia de Havilland ). A historical setting   serving as the backdrop to move the story along, expertly directed by Michael Curtiz or Raoul Walsh, a cast full of Hollywood’s greatest character actors, a majestic music score (mainly Max Steiner , but there were others equally as talented), action, drama, humor, conflict… what more could a film fan ask for?

SANTA FE TRAIL has all this and more, an energetic pre-Civil War tale guaranteed to hold your interest for its 110 minutes no matter which side of the Mason-Dixon Line you live on. It’s characters are drawn from history, but historic accuracy be damned… these films were all about…

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Music Video of the Day: Call Me A Spaceman by Hardwell, featuring Mitch Crown (2012, dir by ????)

If this song and video doesn’t make you feel good, there’s no hope for you.

(Unless, of course, a spaceman really does arrive on the planet and offers up a chance of redemption.  I mean, who knows what miracles they may be capable of performing?)