Music Video of the Day: Money (That’s What I Want) by The Flying Lizards (1979, dir by ????)

Hi, everyone!  Welcome to the merry old month of May!

So, today is May Day, which is apparently some sort of communist new year.  (Actually, technically, the holiday is International Workers Day or something like that but May Day sounds prettier and little bit less grimy.)  Anyway, with that in mind, it only seems appropriate (to me, at least) that today’s music video of the day should be about wanting money.

This song was originally recorded by Barrett Strong in 1959 and subsequently become heavily identified with the Beatles.  There have been quite a few covers over the year but my favorite version is by The Flying Lizards, largely because this version achieves a perfect balance between sincerity and satire.

This video was recorded for a show called TopPop, which was apparently some sort of Danish music show.  I have to admit that I have a weakness for bands that were willing to be openly eccentric.  That’s something that the world is missing today.  Everyone’s so tediously earnest.

Anyway, enjoy!


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