Lisa’s Week In Review: 8/27/18 — 9/2/18

Inferno (1980, dir by Dario Argento)

Movies I Watched

  1. Deadly Shores (2018)
  2. Her Worst Nightmare (2018)
  3. Inferno (1980)
  4. The Last Movie Star (2018)
  5. Lethal Soccer Mom (2018)
  6. Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)
  7. Rear Window (1954)
  8. The Strange Case of Dr. Rx (1942)
  9. Trog (1970)
  10. You Were Never Really Here (2018)

Television Shows I Watched

  1. The Avengers
  2. Bachelor in Paradise
  3. Bar Rescue
  4. Big Brother 20
  5. Big Brother After Dark
  6. City Confidential
  7. Crime Stories
  8. Crime Watch Daily With Chris Henson
  9. Doctor Phil
  10. Dominick Dunne’s Power, Privilege, and Justice
  11. FBI: Criminal Pursuit
  12. House of Cards (BBC)
  13. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  14. King of the Hill
  15. Kitchen Nightmares
  16. Masterchef
  17. The Office
  18. Orange in the New Black
  19. Shipping Wars
  20. So You Think You Can Dance
  21. Southern Fried Homicide
  22. To Play the King
  23. Young Sheldon

Books I Read

  1. Rapture (1987) by Thomas Tessier

Music To Which I Listened

  1. Benny Banassi
  2. Big Data
  3. David Guetta
  4. DJ Snake
  5. Elle King
  6. Emma Bunton
  7. Gloria Trevi
  8. Hardwell
  9. Interpol
  10. Lindsey Stirling
  11. Muse
  12. Neon Indian

Links From Last Week

  1. My beloved Vanessa Marquez
  2. From Heath Battles to ‘Blacklisted’ Claims: A Look Back at ER Actress Vanessa Marquez’s Life
  3. Wil Wheaton has a listening problem
  4. Twitter Rival Mastodon isn’t safe from online mobs either.
  5. NBC threatened Ronan Farrow If He Kept Reporting on Harvey Weinstein 
  6. The Other Side of the Wind premiere coverage and first reviews
  7. Kickin’ The Willy Bobo With … Raymond Embrack
  8. From my Dream Journal: Last Night’s Cleaning Dream
  9. From my sister’s photography site: Church Behind The Trees, Highland Park Church, Church in The Rain, Be Prepared To Stop, Road to Fall, Clouds, and The Door is Locked.
  10. On my music site, I shared songs from Hardwell, Benny Banassi, Lindsey Stirling, Emma Bunton, Elle King, DJ Snake, and Fiona Apple.

Links From The Site

  1. Erin profiled Art Sussman and shared work from Harry Schaare, Mitchell Hooks, Robert McGinnis, Norman Saunders, an unknown artist, and Ray QuigleyShe also shared a beautiful picture of her own!
  2. Gary reviewed Genius at Work, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, The Odd Couple, and Sabata!
  3. Jeff reviewed The Quest, shared his weekly trailer round-up, and also gifted us with music videos from Toy-Box, Love and Rockets, and John Mellencamp!
  4. I reviewed Her Worst Nightmare!  I shared music videos from David Guetta, Interpol, Big Data, and Big Data again!  I shared the trailers for The Other Side of the Wind and the Front Runner I shared a scene that I lovedI offered up a preview of October!  I reviewed both Lethal Soccer Mom and Deadly Shores!
  5. Patrick reviewed Ghoul!
  6. Ryan reviewed Tintering, Lawns, The House on Mansfield Street, and Generous Bosom and also shared his weekly reading round-up!
  7. Arleigh reviewed The Hunt For Red October, selected an AMV of the Day, and offered up sneak peeks of both Suspiria and The Predator!

(Want to see what I did last week?  Click here!)

Rest in peace, Vanessa Marquez.

Weekly Trailer Round-Up: Bad Times At The El Royale, First Man, Air Strike, E-Demon

This week, Lisa and Arleigh already shared the latest trailers for:

The Predator

The Other Side of the Wind

The Front Runner

Here’s the best of the rest.

Six years after making his directorial debut with The Cabin In The Wood, Drew Goddard returns to the director’s chair with Bad Times at the El Royale.  Featuring Jeff Bridges, Jon Hamm, Dakota Johnson, and Chris Hemsworth, Bad Times at the El Royale will be released on October 12th.

From Universal Pictures, here is the second trailer to First Man.  Damien Chazelle’s upcoming film stars Ryan Gosling as the first man on the Moon, Neil Armstrong, and Claire Foy as his first wife.  First Man will be released on October 12th, putting it in head-to-head competition with Bad Times At the El Royale.

If you have ever wondered what you would get if you combined Bruce Willis, Adrien Brody, and unconvincing CGI, Air Strike is here to answer your question.  Air Strike will be released on October 26th.  Mel Gibson (yes, that Mel Gibson) was the production designer.

Finally, if you missed the first two Unfriended movies, E-Demon is here to shock you.  E-Demon will be released on September 14th.




Weekly Reading Round-Up : 08/26/2018 – 09/01/2018, Robert Sergel’s “Bald Knobber,” Issues 1-4

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

Continuing our focus on books that I scored at Autoptic 2018 a couple Sundays back, this week we’re going to take a look at the first four issues or Robert Sergel’s six-part Bald Knobber mini-comics series, which I will duly “spoil” the final verdict on right now : these impressed the hell out of me. Why? Let’s find out —

Welcome to the book report from hell! In Bald Knobber #1, we meet our protagonist, a kid from BF, Missouri named Cole who, at first glance, doesn’t seem too terribly different from any number of alienated/disaffected youths populating the pages of, say, a million and one Charles Forsman comics — on his best day he seems like another so-called “incel” waiting to happen, on his worst he seems like the type who might shoot up the school. On this day, however, he’s been compelled to share his summer reading with…

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Music Video of the Day: Dangerous by Big Data (2014, dir by ????)

For today’s music video of the day, we have one final video for the greatest song of the ’10s, Dangerous by Big Data.  In this video, Big Data performs the song  on the ALT98.7 FM Penthouse rooftop at the Historic Hollywood Tower.


Previous Dangerous Videos:

  1. SCANTRON and Greg Yagolnitzer version
  2. Brandon LaGanke and John Carlucci version
  3. The Big Kitty Version
  4. Live from KROQ Red Bull Sound Stage