Scenes That I Love: Happy Birthday, Sam Elliott!

Today is the 73rd birthday of the perennially underrated actor, Sam Elliott!

Sam’s been acting for longer than I’ve been alive.  He’s been in a ton of good movies and he’s given some truly iconic performances and yet, with all that in mind, he still seems to be strangely underrated.  At the very least, he deserved an Oscar nomination for his performance in last year’s The Hero.   There’s some speculation that he might get one this year for his role in A Star is Born.

With all that said, most people seem to know Sam Elliott best for playing The Stranger in 1998’s The Big Lebowski.  So, with that in mind, here’s a scene I love featuring Sam Elliott from that very film!

Sam Elliott abides.

3 responses to “Scenes That I Love: Happy Birthday, Sam Elliott!

  1. Sam Elliott is a favorite of mine, too. He has a screen presence that few can equal. Strong, wise and serene, all at once. And very believable.

    One of my favorite Sam Elliott films was Lifeguard, a film that was much deeper than it appeared in its truly crazy and downright criminal ad campaign, which made it look like some sort of kids surfer flick from the ’60s. The film poster for Lifeguard is truly cringe-worthy.


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