Lisa’s Week In Review: 8/20/18 — 8/26/18

After spending last week watching, live tweeting, and a reviewing all of SyFy’s shark movies, I kind of took this week off.  I’ll get caught up next week,

The important thing is that October is right around the corner!

Movies That I Watched:

  1. Cop (1988)
  2. I Was a Teenage Frankenstein (1958)
  3. Killer Night Shift (2018)
  4. Love’s Abiding Joy (2006)
  5. Love’s Long Journey (2005)
  6. The Snowman (2017)

Television Shows That I Watched:

  1. Bachelor in Paradise
  2. Bar Rescue
  3. Better Call Saul
  4. Big Brother 20
  5. Big Brother After Dark
  6. Charlie’s Angels
  7. Degassi
  8. Doctor Phil
  9. Fear The Walking Dead
  10. Ghost Whisperer
  11. The Investigator: A British Crime Story
  12. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  13. The Kennedys
  14. Kitchen Nightmares
  15. The MTV Video Music Awards
  16. Private Islands
  17. Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire
  18. Saved By The Bell
  19. Seinfeld
  20. Sharp Objects
  21. Shipping Wars
  22. So You Think You Can Dance
  23. South Park
  24. Talking Dead

Books That I Read:

  1. The Contest: The 1968 election and the war for America’s soul (2018) by Michael Schumacher
  2. Invitation to a Bonfire (2018) by Adrienne Celt
  3. The President is Missing (2018) by James Patterson, featuring Bill Clinton

Music To Which I Listened:

  1. Alesso
  2. Animal Collective
  3. Anne-Marie
  4. Bipolar Sunshine
  5. Blanck Mass
  6. Bloc Party
  7. Britney Spears
  8. Camila Cabello
  9. Daemon
  10. David Guetta
  11. Dillon Francis
  12. DJ Snake
  13. Duffy
  14. Elle King
  15. Ellie Goulding
  16. Goblin
  17. Goblin Rebirth
  18. Jakalope
  19. Kelly Clarkson
  20. Lily Allen
  21. Major Lazer
  22. Matthew Koma
  23. Phantogram
  24. The Robber Who Robbed The Town
  25. Saint Motel
  26. Tarrus Riley
  27. Taylor Swift
  28. The Ting Tings
  29. Trippie Redd
  30. Twice

Links From Last Week:

  1. For SyFy Designs, I wrote about my memories of twitter!
  2. On her photography site, Erin shared: Trapped Above, Summer Tree, Trees, Trees and Power Lines, Up, Growing, and Covered Wagon!
  3. On my music site, I shared music from Major Lazer, Bloc Party, Britney Spears, Bloc Party again, DJ Snake and Bipolar Sunshine, and Alesso!
  4. ‘Conjuring’ spinoff director Corin Hardy reports hauntings on ‘The Nun’ set
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Production On Hold After Firing of James Gunn
  6. Meet The Most Insidious Resistance Grifters
  7. Stephen King’s MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE Hits Blu-ray this Halloween
  8. Veronica Mars: Hulu Eyes 8-Episode Limited Series Revival
  9. Kelly Marie Tran: I Won’t Be Marginalized by Online Harassment
  10. Twitter’s Worst #Resistance Bros Are Melting Down Because You’re Clowning on Their Weird Kids’ Book
  11. Director Danny Boyle Exits Next James Bond Film
  12. Danny Boyle quit James Bond over plans to kill Bond off

Links From The Site:

  1. Erin profiled artist Henry Fox and shared artwork like Radio News, The Dead Man’s Brother, Angel of Gaiety, Argosy, Deadline to Pluto, Modern Romances, and No Luck For A Lady!
  2. Gary reviewed Buchanan Rides Alone, Wife vs. Secretary, and the Prowler, along with taking a look at a one-hit wonder!
  3. Jeff shared his weekly trailer round-up, along with music videos from The Outfield, Bootcamp, Neal Coty, and Tommy Tucker and the Supernaturals!
  4. Ryan reviewed Bad Ben and Angloid, along with sharing his weekly reading round-up!
  5. I reviewed The Last Shaknado, Shipping Wars, The Snowman, and Killer Night Shift!  I also shared music videos from David Guetta, Phantogram, and Kelly Clarkson!  Finally, I shared my Oscar predictions for August!
  6. And finally, Arleigh has returned!  Yay!  He brought with him the trailers for Suspiria and The Outlaw King and a little Creedence Clearwater Revival for y’all!

(Check out what we accomplished last week by clicking here!)

Have a great week, y’all!

What Lisa Watched Last Night #190: Killer Night Shift (dir by Damian Romay and Ernest Rowe)

Last night, I watched the latest Lifetime movie premiere, Killer Night Shift!

Why Was I Watching It?

Because it was on Lifetime!

Seriously, as much as I loved watching all of the SyFy shark movies last week, I was ready to return to Lifetime and see what type of melodrama they had to offer this weekend.

I have to admit that I was also intrigued by the title.  Killer is a word that shows up in several Lifetime titles but this is the first time that I’ve ever heard of a killer night shift.  Some day, I’m going to write a Lifetime movie called Killer Yoga Lesson.

What Was It About?

It was about a couple, David (Johnny Pacar) and Tricia (Christie Burson) Rosen.  They’re rich in the way that most Lifetime couples are, in that they own a really big house, Tricia is an online yoga instructor, and David’s business is ill-defined but it keeps him away from home for extended periods of time.

Tricia is also 8 months pregnant!  With David away on business, Tricia needs a homecare nurse.  She has two to choose from.  There’s Irene (Vanessa Reseland), the sullen nurse that’s actually assigned to her.  Irene has a shady history of stealing medication and being rude to patients.  And then there’s Katy (Cynthia Evans), who is Tricia’s talkative neighbor and who spends all of her time at Tricia’s house.

(I don’t blame her!  It’s a really nice house!)

Anyway, since this is a Lifetime film, we know that at least one of the nurses is going to turn out to be crazy and homicidal.  But which one?

What Worked?

For the first hour or so, the film did a pretty good job of keeping you guessing as to which nurse would ultimately turn out to be the dangerous one.  Both Vanessa Reseland and Cynthia Evans were well cast as two very different nurses.  Once it was revealed which nurse actually was the bad nurse, I have to say that she turned out to be even more evil than the typical Lifetime villain.

Shalesha Monique Henderson played Irene’s supervisor, Adele.  Though it was a small role, Henderson made a definite impression.  We’ve all known someone like Adele, someone who doesn’t have any time for any foolishness and who is too busy to waste time being polite.  Adele’s withering look of disgust whenever Irene complained about her assignment was definitely one of the highlights of the film.

What Did Not Work?

The film itself moved a bit slowly and I have to admit that I got a bit depressed while watching it.  Despite all of the melodrama, the film wasn’t quite as over the top as a typical Lifetime film.  Lifetime movies deal with such traumatic issues that you kinda need those over the top, borderline absurd moments to remind you that it’s only a movie.  You really felt their absence in Killer Night Shift.

“Oh my God!  Just like me!” Moments

I was in kind of a bad mood yesterday so I related to Irene’s constant bad mood.  Sometimes, you just don’t want to say “excuse me” when you shove someone out of the way.

Lessons Learned

There’s a lot of money to be made in yoga.

Weekly Trailer Round-Up: Hold the Dark, Ben is Back, King Lear, I Think We’re Alone Now

We’ve already shared two of this week’s biggest trailers, Suspiria and The Outlaw King.

Here’s the best of the rest:

Director Jeremy Saulnier’s latest film, Hold The Dark, will come to Netflix on September 28th and it looks like it will be another tough and uncompromising film from the director of Blue Ruin and Green Room.

In Ben Is Back, Lucas Hedges plays Ben, who returns home on Christmas Eve and brings trouble with him.  Julia Roberts plays his mother.  This film is set for a December 7th release.

Every great Shakespearean actor eventually gets to play King Lear.  Anthony Hopkins did so in this BBC production.  This version transports Shakespeare’s tragedy to an alternative version of modern-day London and it will premiere on Amazon Prime on September 28th.

In I Think We’re Alone Now, Peter Dinklage and Elle Fanning might be the last two people on Earth.  Find out on September 14th.


Music Video of the Day: Miss Independent by Kelly Clarkson (2003, dir by Liz Friedlander)

Hearing this song transports me back to 2003, when life seemed so simple and the future seemed limitless… actually, that’s the way things still seem to me in 2018.  I guess I’m a born optimist!

Anyway, I always think of this as being a song of liberation but that’s mostly just because of the title.  The lyrics are actually about an independent woman finding the courage to let people into her life.  But, ultimately, what matters is how a song — any song — makes you feel.

As for the video, I would say it features just about the safest house party that I’ve ever seen.  Compare it to the video for Fiona Apple’s Criminal.