Artist Profile: Even More Covers From Paul Rader

Paul Rader was one of the first artists that I ever profiled on this site.  Rader was such a prolific cover artist that I’ve decided to do a second post about Rader, featuring even more of his covers!  A native of Brooklyn, Paul Rader was born in 1906, studied art in Europe and had his first museum exhibition at the age of 16, and worked regularly until he passed away in 1986.  Rader was so well-regarded by the industry that he was one of the few cover artists allowed to sign his work.  With his strong attention to detail and his portraits of strong and powerful women, Rader was responsible for some of the best-known covers of the paperback era.

Here’s even more of his work:

Music Video of the Day: Trouble Town by Jake Bugg (2012, dir by Michael Holyk)

It’s become a bit of a cliché to compare Jake Bugg to Bob Dylan but then you hear a song like Trouble Town and you really don’t have any choice.  Fortunately, it’s a favorable comparison.  The Dylan influence is obvious but Jake Bugg still makes every song his own.

This video was shot in Bugg’s hometown of Clifton, Nottingham.