Here’s The Trailer For Zoe!

When this trailer started, I was excited because I was thinking it was going to turn into a horror movie.

Then I saw that it was from the director of Like Crazy and I was like, “Oh, never mind.”  I would probably be more enthusiastic about this particular trailer if I hadn’t already recently seen about a hundred movies and television shows that all deal with the exact same premise.

I did enjoy Like Crazy, though.

Here’s The Super Dangerous Red Band Trailer For The Predator!

When it comes to Shane Black’s The Predator, we’ve had a family friendly trailer and an action trailer.  Today, we got a Red Band Trailer!

That’s right, it’s red band!  That mean that it has cursing and blood and the middle finger and everything and it can only be shown before R-rated films.  There’s nothing more dangerous than a Red Band Trailer!

So, here’s the Super Dangerous Red Band Trailer for The Predator, which will probably be really good because it was directed by Shane Black: