Weekly Reading Round-Up : 05/27/2018 – 06/02/2018, Kalen Knowles And (More) Pat Aulisio

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

Still firmly in catch-up mode (but with light at the end of the tunnel), this week’s grab-bag of items that arrived in my mailbox includes three self-published comics from Kalen Knowles, one of the most distinctive voices in the Seattle underground, and another from Philly’s Pat Aulisio, who continues to blow me away with his idiosyncratic visions. Why waste time? Let’s have a look at the good stuff, and this time out it’s all good —

Knowles’ Journal is like nothing else I’ve ever seen in my life, a densely-packed sketchbook diary (think the Wimpy Kid books and you’re getting warm) told from the POV of a young octopoid alien named Atticus that is almost disarmingly clever and imbued with a genuine sense of charm and wonder throughout. Atticus’ world — hell, his entire space/time continuum — bears certain similarities to our own, but rather than employing these as set-pieces…

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Stop the Presses!: Howard Hawks’ HIS GIRL FRIDAY (Columbia 1940)

cracked rear viewer

In my opinion, Howard Hawks’ HIS GIRL FRIDAY is one of the greatest screwball comedies ever made, a full speed ahead movie that’s pretty much got everything a film fan could want. A remake of the 1930 Lewis Milestone classic THE FRONT PAGE (itself an adaptation of Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur’s Broadway smash), Hawks adds a delightful twist by turning ace reporter Hildy Johnson into editor Walter Burns’ ex-wife… and casting no less than Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant in the roles!

The two stars are in top form as the bickering ex-spouses, with their rapid fire banter nothing short of verbal dynamite. Grant in particular spouts off words quicker than a rapper (where did he get all that wind!) and his facial expressions and comic squeals (reminiscent of Curly Howard!) are simply priceless! Roz is more than his match as Hildy, with one lightning-fast zinger  after another. Miss…

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Music Video of the Day: Busy Child by The Crystal Method (1997, dir by ????)

“I guess I didn’t know…”

The song is a classic with the famous “I guess I didn’t know” sampled by Eric B & Rakim’s Know the Ledge and the “Get busy, child!” created with the help of DJ Pierre’s track, Summertime (Is Get Busy Time).  The song first appeared on Vegas, which is why the video itself opens with footage of Nevada’s best known city.  (Sorry, Carson City!)

There were two versions of this video.  One version was directed by Lance Bangs and Eli Bonerz.  The second version, which was released to capitalize on Busy Child‘s use on the soundtrack of 1998’s Lost In Space, was directed by Clark Eddy.  To be absolutely honest, I’m not sure which version this is.  I suspect that it’s the first one, if just because of the lack of clips from Lost In Space.

If you haven’t danced to this song, you haven’t danced.