Charles Forsman’s “Slasher” Cuts Deep — But Misses The Artery

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

Quick preamble : a good editor can make a big difference. I was commissioned to write this review for Daniel Elkin’s “Your Chicken Enemy” small-press site, and what follows is the text as originally conceived by yours truly. Daniel suggested — as opposed to demanding — a few small but crucial changes, and I think the piece reads much better in its “final” form, given that his observations were uniformly spot-on. I decided to run this “warts-and-all” version simply because, hey, it was saved “as is” in my WordPress folder, and I thought it might be of interest (to somebody? Somewhere?) to compare and contrasts the two versions.

Or, hey, maybe not. In any case, the “finished product” can be viewed here :

I’ll say this much for Chuck Forsman’s just-released Slasher trade paperback collection (Floating World Comics, originally serialized over five issues) — it leaves you with plenty…

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