Music Video of the Day: Monster by Flint Eastwood (2018, dir by ????)

Today’s music video of the day is this creepy, black-and-white video of Flint Eastwood’s Monster.

While watching this video, you’ll undoubtedly notice that it features a hairless cat.  I love cats but I have to admit that hairless cats totally freak me out.  I guess it’s because the sight of a hairless cat forces you to consider just how much of the inherent cuteness of cats has to do with their fur.  Personally, I think that my cat Doc is the cutest cat ever but would I still feel the same way if he didn’t have all of that black fur?  It’s a fair question.

Of course, what’s ironic is that cat’s don’t even care or notice what color their fur is.  They’re color blind and, for the most part, they hate each other equally regardless of color or socio-economic background.

As long as I’m continuing to make everything about me, I should also point out that I have really bad eyesight and I think it might be getting worse!  This video reminded me of how much I’m not looking forward to going to the optometrist next week.


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