Music Video of the Day: Wannabe by The Spice Girls (1996, dir by Jhoan Camitz)

Since today is Mel C’s birthday, I decided to go with a Spice Girls video for the video of the day.

Wannabe was the Spice Girls’s first video and, when it was released, it took only two hours for it to become the number one selected video on The Box, a British cable network.  It stayed at number one for 13 weeks and it only fell from that spot because the Spice Girls released another video.

This video was directed by commercial director Jhoan Camitz.  According to Wikipedia, this was his first music video.  According to the imvdb, it was his third.  Reportedly, he originally wanted to film the video at a hotel in Barcelona but, when he was denied permission, he instead filmed at the Midland Grand Hotel in St. Pancras, London.

The video was banned in some parts of Asia, because it was considered to be too provocative.

I’ve taking turns trying to convince nearly everyone here at the Shattered Lens to, at some point in the future, review Spice World.  So far, everyone’s refused so I may to do it someday myself.


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