Music Video of the Day: Back to December by Taylor Swift (2010, dir by Yoann Lemoine)

Right now, as I write this, there are lot of people on twitter and in the media who are bitching and whining because Taylor Swift hasn’t written any #Resistance songs.  She didn’t endorse anyone in the 2016 election.  She never talks politics.  She even had the gall to say that she had a good 2017!

Since when did being happy become a microaggression?

See, this is one of the things that I hate about social media.  Just because you can’t stop talking about Trump or Hillary or whoever, that doesn’t mean that everyone else is obligated to do the same.  When I see people whining about Taylor Swift not using their favorite hashtag, I’m reminded of Joss Whedon, at this time last year, whining about people saying, “Happy holidays,” because he was upset over how the election went.  Just because someone isn’t constantly bragging about how pissed off they are, that doesn’t mean they don’t care or that they’re not doing their part.  It just means they, like me, have a life outside of whatever’s on CNN or Fox News.

Anyway, I was so annoyed with all the Taylor Swift hate that I spent Saturday listening to Last Christmas on repeat.  So, it seemed like a perfect pick for Music Video of the Day, right?


Sadly, there isn’t an official music video of Taylor’s version of Last Christmas.

So, I decided to feature her video for Back To December, instead.  It’s not specifically a Christmas song.  In fact, it’s generally agreed that it’s a song about Taylor’s breakup with Taylor Lautner.  (Taylor Swift has never specifically confirmed who it’s about, beyond saying that the song was meant to be an apology to a former lover.)  But hey, it’s December and there’s snow on the ground.  As far as I’m concerned, that makes it a Christmas song.

The video was directed by Yoann Lemoine, who has several credits.  (He’s also directed videos for Katy Perry, Lana del Ray, and Drake.)  Taylor’s love interest is played by Guntars Asmanis.



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